Yes we did

Yes we did


Yes, we killed the Lich King on 25.

Yes, it took forever.

Yes, my blogging colleagues here beat me to the punch.

Yes, it makes me sadface, but my pride is at stake and I’ll steal back the blog-first bragging rights when Cataclysm arrives. I refuse to be the last player on the team to take down Deathwing!

Yes, we also killed Algalon on 10 man and got our Starcaller titles.

Yes, I’m recruiting more DPS and healers for hard mode ICC 25s.

Yes, work is owning me (but I got a 20% raise!)

Yes, I want to watch the A-Team.

Yes, Lodur and I are going to BlizzCon.

Yes, I’m looking for another BlizzCon ticket.

Yes, I added a cool widgit on the side of the blog that shows latest threads on PlusHeal.

Yes, I plan on revamping the blogs (note the plural) starting with the footer and about page as well as changing the themes a bit. I wish I had my own designer. I’ll be using the Genesis framework for it from Studiopress, most likely.

Yes, I wish I could get into the beta.

Yes, I saw the Priest previews and will add my 2 cents to it.

Yes, I launched a healing and priest centric podcast called Circle of Healing (podcast) with Dawn Moore ( and Kinasthesia ( and vodka). It’s actually 3 priests discussing healing with potential for guests later. Two shows recorded. Details will come later.

Yes, I need more time to do fun blog and forum stuff.

Yes, I want this expansion to be over!

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