WWI Priest Panel Quick Hits and Reactions

Divine Hymn: Reactive CC. When a Priest gets hit or a party member gets hit, the attacker gets incapacitated temporarily. Could be a spell along the lines of Inner Fire where it has to be maintained. Don’t think we’ll see it in Aura form.

Guardian Spirit: Castable Cheat Death. Borrowing a term from our WWI resident Shadow Priest on what it essentially is. Ability to negate a killing blow. A mini-you shadows your target and if your target dies, your mini-you dies in its stead. Expect to see this bound into our oh crap macros.

Dispersion: Shadow 51 Point Talent. Places yourself in stasis and regenerates 6% health per tick over a period of time. Also reduces incoming damage by 90%. Expecting to see a Stoneform/Dispersion Macro for Dwarf Priests. Looks primarily like a PvP talent. Unsure of how well it will pan out in raids.

In any case, I’m off to watch Wanted!

In the mean time, the comment lines are open! The spells and their abilities themselves were announced. You’ve read my (brief) thoughts. What’s yours?

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