WWI Priest Panel Quick Hits and Reactions

Divine Hymn: Reactive CC. When a Priest gets hit or a party member gets hit, the attacker gets incapacitated temporarily. Could be a spell along the lines of Inner Fire where it has to be maintained. Don’t think we’ll see it in Aura form.

Guardian Spirit: Castable Cheat Death. Borrowing a term from our WWI resident Shadow Priest on what it essentially is. Ability to negate a killing blow. A mini-you shadows your target and if your target dies, your mini-you dies in its stead. Expect to see this bound into our oh crap macros.

Dispersion: Shadow 51 Point Talent. Places yourself in stasis and regenerates 6% health per tick over a period of time. Also reduces incoming damage by 90%. Expecting to see a Stoneform/Dispersion Macro for Dwarf Priests. Looks primarily like a PvP talent. Unsure of how well it will pan out in raids.

In any case, I’m off to watch Wanted!

In the mean time, the comment lines are open! The spells and their abilities themselves were announced. You’ve read my (brief) thoughts. What’s yours?

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  1. Uhh… Dispersion looks to be inordinately pro for PvE as much as for PvP. 90% reduced incoming damage? That would make one hit from Archimonde’s Finger of Death survivable. Think about the times you could save yourself from some thing that should kill you. Or if you messed up on some positioning thing and now your going to get hit for like a million damage unless you get behind a pillar or something, you can pop that and survive.

    And… I was just going to comment on the mana regen part too, but it looks like they removed it. In the version that was all over the interwebs from the alpha, it regenned 6% health and mana per tick. Darn. Not nearly as useful as I thought now.

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  2. I rather liked Wanted, it seemed to do exactly what it was meant to do: be an entertaining action flick, making you chuckle, having wicked awesome car chases, lotsa guns, explosions and naked chicks.


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  3. Hey Trollin’! Holy Priest, thanks! ^^

  4. If Guardian Spirit is the 51 talent, then it’ll be another thing to measure for raid-speccing if Improved Divine Spirit is still a talent-spell and not trainer-taught.

  5. Shyraia says:

    My post on our guild forums about Guardian Spirit (hope the quotes work):

    [quote]Guardian Spirit:
    Calls upon a guardian spirit to heal and watch over the friendly target. The spirit heals the target for 642 every 2 seconds, and also prevents the target from dying by sacrificing themselves. Lasts 10 seconds. [/quote]

    Ok since this went up in WWI08 today, I think I can freely dismember what this is supposed to do now.

    First of all, it’s the 51 point holy talent. So basically it’s a healer talent, the entire holy tree is supposed to be about healing, and this would then be the topoff, the whipped cream on the cake.

    Lets go step by step.

    [quote]’Calls upon a guardian spirit to heal and watch over the friendly target.'[/quote]

    So it can be used to attach a sort of pet to a party member, that heals and watches over.

    This indicates to me that it will follow the player around. Which sure makes me hope that it’s not at eyeheight since that would not be fun for most of the tanks….tanking something like Azgalor, Kyrri would most certainly appreciate it if I dropped more sight obstruction in her face.
    ‘The spirit heals the target for 642 every 2 seconds’ – ‘Lasts 10 seconds'[/quote]

    So depending on the coefficient (lets take 100% to keep a positive view) this would heal aboutish 3800-4000 (going for about 3200 + healing) depending on what your +healing is at by that point. This for about 10 seconds so it would heal for a total of 19000 – 20000. This every 3 minutes. So it’s not meant as a hot, since it’s useless as a hot. (especially since my renew will by then be ticking for aboutish 1200 probably, and I can cast that any time I want).

    [quote]’and also prevents the target from dying by sacrificing themselves'[/quote]

    Now this is what everybody thinks is the uber part…of course. However, think about it. Within the 10 seconds that the spirit is active the spirit will prevent 1 killing blow. 1 killing blow and perhaps, if it’s nice in that cycle, 3200 healing. If not someone else lands a heal right at that same second. The target is still dead. If there is one priest this is IMO useless. If your healtarget is that far down (likely the tank) he/she is taking so much damage that preventing one killing blow is not doing much anyway.

    If this spirit is stackable and you can have 8 priests in the raid, stacking them (or more chaining them) the tank would not die for 80 seconds. I bet this is considered overpowered. I mean hell, who would want to take a different healer than a priest, if those priests can provide twice 80 seconds in a 6 minute fight where the tank can simply not die?

    The person on stage for the WWI called this cheat death. If it would actually prevent the target from dying for 3 seconds in the 10 that it lasts (even if 30 killing blows land in those 3 seconds) it would be. Blizz, this is not cheat death, it doesn’t even come close.
    Cheat Death (rank 3/3)
    You have a 100% chance to completely avoid any damaging attack that would otherwise kill you and reduce all damage taken by 90% for 3 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once per minute. [/quote]

    Once per minute, and 3 seconds. Not just one killing blow every 3 minutes. With all the haste and damage preventing spells we see coming in other classes, NPCs will hit harder and faster, one killing blow…the guardian spirit is not even close to cheat death.

    All in all, I would love to have Blizz explain to me why I would spend 51 points to get to something that is useless as a hot, and meagerly useful as a preventative spell. And yes, preventative, not healing. And I always thought disc priests were the preventers, and holy the active healers.

    This should not be in the holy tree, and this should not cost 51 points to get. It’s probably pretty, but I really find it’s usefulness debatable so far.

    Of course I am only going by what I’ve heard so far, but this is a shelve spell, useless if you have only one or two priests, OP if you have 8 or 9 priests and allow it to stack.

    Blizz did you really think about this?

  6. Shyraia says:

    Divine Hymn: Who gets the agro for this? Cause I’d hate to be the priest who sleeps 5/6 attackers and then gets attacked by all of those. Sounds to me like a pvp spell, since in raiding it will only be very very mildly useful.

    Dispersion: Well designed, major dreamless sleep potion built into a shadowpriest. Useful in both PVE and PVP.

    In general I see too much hanging towards the pvp side of things, I mean we’ll get a whole zone where your drops depend on pvp x_X

    Classes get nerfed or buffed because of pvp, you get the easy epics in pvp, even need to go pvp to get a few stamina pieces for some pve fights. I don’t specifically like this tendency, but it’s what I’m seeing.

  7. Actually I see this as a great talent, and indeed potentially a necessity.

    Its a moderate heal, thats not its function though, its the avoid death bit.

    Imagine prince phase 2, but on steroids, with an enrage. Tanks can live through it, they will get crushed, and likely they will die. Basically you can get through an encounter like that with 1) stupid avoidance, 2) stupid health, 3) stupid mitigation, 4) gimmick.

    What this does is allows the encounters to be tuned such that tank death is not only possible, but likely and expected. Its an interesting talent, its like a pw:s, a last stand, etc, but its likely stackable (with the death applying a debuff for a while?)and its likely to become a major factor, especially if it acts like an aggro wipe (tank died, woot, new tank has aggro) when the tank “dies”, as it would implement a fight system where you could be penalised on threat (huge damage incoming, highest threat gets a permenant debuff unless bottom on threat?).

    Many top end talents are lackluster, but I think this one has the potential to be interesting, especially if correctly balanced with a death debuff.

  8. Hiraeth says:

    Shyraia , you said that :
    Dispersion: Well designed, major dreamless sleep potion built into a shadowpriest. Useful in both PVE and PVP.

    i´m an (so called …lol) end-game shadowpriest.
    i regenerate way more mana than i could even spend,
    same goes for my group.
    i even do regenerate a ridicoulus amount of life each fight. so now tell me that this is not a pvp talent. its absolutely useless in pve at the current state and what we know about wotlk.
    even if the nerf für VT hits the realms, we will have higher spelldmg, better scaling and will still regenerate those amounts of mana.
    instead of giving us something that would stabilize out raidslot, no they give us pvp crap.

    /vote against balancing a pve game on pvp surviveability!

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