WoW Insider’s Raid Rx Makes a Return

I’m in class right now so I don’t have much to add (Learning about policing and media perceptions and stuff, good lecture, contrasting police forces all over the world. Did you know Canada doesn’t have water cannons to deal with riots or protests?). Just wanted to raise awareness and shamelessly promote it. You can find it on WoW Insider. This week’s post is about the raid healer leader. Here’s an excerpt:

In the past, I didn’t become the healing lead because I was asked to. I saw the disarray of healers we had. I knew how disheveled we were as a unit. Because of my dissatisfaction, I decided to do something about it. I know some of you are thinking along the same lines. Maybe you feel there is no direction or order or structure. Perhaps your raid leaders aren’t taking it seriously or are even ignoring the healers entirely expecting them to sort things out amongst themselves.

If you don’t see anyone else doing it, take charge of it yourself. You’re going to feel overwhelmed at first. I know I did. It’s up to you to turn your ragtag group of healers into a lean, mean life-saving machine.

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  1. I’m in the beginning phases of bringing together my guild’s healing team right now, and it’s difficult on so many different levels. I’m having the worst time figuring out druid and shammy healing! Fortunately, we have a good Pally to help me figure that one out.

    I’ve decided bribery is the best way to start. It’s working pretty well so far :-P. I’m also hoping if I can get our healers together it will inspire some of our other role groups to organize more as well. There’s no where to go but up!

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