World of Warcraft Meets Alltop – Where’s Matt?

My favorite site to go to when I have nothing to do, nothing to play, or nothing to write about has just added a World of Warcraft section. Yes, as of today, is born!

So what exactly is Alltop?

The best way to think about it is as the “digital magazine rack” of the Internet. When I’m wandering around the mall, I’ll frequently pass by a book store and head in and skim the magazine section for any headlines or story that will catch my eye. Alltop works in much the same way except it’s not just limited to one topic.

My personal favourites: (Presentation Zen and Slide:ology for sure)

And of course,

Sadly, World of Matticus is not on there :(. But I’m glad to see a few familiar blogs like Out of Mana, Kinless’ Chronicles, Spicy Tuna, Resto4Life, Blessing of Kings, Mystic Chicanery, Honor’s Code, I Sheep Things and Eye for an Eye there at least!

(By the way Guy, if you’re reading this, the link to Blessing of Kings is pointed to his Blogger profile instead of his main blog)

The next time you’re looking for some WoW blogs to check out and Blog Azeroth has already been exhausted and you can’t find anything new on your usual hauntings, why not check out Alltop and see if there’s something you like?

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  1. I wrote a quick friendly email the second I saw the news this morning on twitter and Guy listed me right away. I’m sure you’ll be up there soon.

  2. World of Matticus is now on alltop, just checked it this morning, grats!


  1. […] hadn’t actually heard of Alltop until the WoW subsite launched and Matt posted about it, but now I’ve taken a look I like the concept. Alltop presents a selection of recent posts […]

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