WI: Healing at Level 80 and Other Matt-like Distractions

Almost 3000 words. It took 32 oz of coffee before I finally finished this mammoth of a post. It’s finished and you can find it on at WoW Insider.

Are you on your coffee break?
Don’t have much time to read it?
Want to know what I have to say in 30 seconds?

Here’s a shortened version of the post in slide format:

Raid Healing at Level 80

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Why Slides? I have a presentation to deliver in another month. I wanted to get familiar with Keynote. I’ve been dying to try out Slideshare for the longest time. I only spent about 90 minutes on this TLDR version (Too Long, Didn’t Read). There’s even the option of synching audio tracks with slides. Screw podcasts! I might just start a slidecast!

Nothing fancy, mostly images and words (90 minutes, right?). Presenting and public speaking are two important academic skills. I do have a presentation to give next month in front of my peers (It’s Criminology related). I’m going to need time to learn and design accordingly.

Some other non-WoW related presentations


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Brain Rules for Presenters

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Blocked at work?

For when you get home:

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  1. I think you went a bit too creative this post Mallet. 🙂 Good Post Otherwise.

    Ayliis last blog post..Wind Shock: Shaman’s Mana Battery

  2. Theres no such thing as too much creativity =D

  3. hehe… fisher-price approach ftw! xD No really, I like it. Tank is a tank is a tank… woulda been cooler if you put in fish tank pic in the third one there… yea… xD Smoove very smoove

    druidchicks last blog post..Friends with (raid) Benefits

  4. haha love the slideshow version

  5. @druidchick: Wish I thought of that :(.

  6. Matt,

    You always lead me to interesting information! Thanks alot for sharing the above presentations!

    Jays last blog post..Anticipating October 14th

  7. ???? ???? 🙂

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