What’s up with the Euro Beta?

A quick glance at the Beta EU English forums shows a lot of pissed off players (to mildly put it). Statements ranging from discrimination to broken servers to unplayability. Our EU friends have one server while NA enjoys 3 beta servers. They’re virtually pleading for either queues or a second server since performance no longer seems playable.

Even on the NA servers, I’ve started to feel the crunch. There didn’t used to be a whole lot of players before hand. I suppose they’re trying to stress test the hardware.

My guess is that older beta players have done what they could or feel like they no longer wish to spend time on the beta knowing their efforts will be undone. In fact, I feel the same way. My Priest is only 73. Between raiding on live, blogging, and school it’s nearly impossible for me to level up. As a result, I’ve made a few premades to try out the various level 80 instances like Naxx which I liveblogged earlier.

I know that some of the worlds best Guilds reside over in Europe. It would make major sense for them to be given access to the beta and get a chance on a stable server to raid on. Like it or not, they’ll be the first ones in there before the average raider like myself. Feedback can’t be given on an unstable server.

So to any Euro beta players:

  • Are the conditions as bad as it’s being made out to be?
  • How is Blizzard’s response thus far?
  • What can be done to help alleviate the problems?
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  1. Yes, conditions are that bad.

    Currently there is only one server and it’s very crowded. Questing is impossible during the day because of the lag. This only happens in Northrend tho.

    Only way to try new stuff are instances, which are held on a different server and it’s a lot less crowded there.

    The EU Beta sucks in my opinion. Only solution I saw from Blizz is a few restarts. And they can’t really do much, except maybe giving us another server?

    And another thing: the EU server is actually hosted in the US. Not very smart if you ask me.

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  2. Since I am playing the beta, I can say conditions are that bad compared to US.

    During even off hours, which is 4pm PST to 12am PST, you still have a lot of lag, a lot of crashing, and a lot of restarts. You have all these people trying to access this one realm, and it doesn’t work. Even today my characters are stuck in Naxxramas as it crashed on us, and there is no way to get out. The only reason I have it so well is because I am really close to where the servers are hosted. If I was in Finland, I would be pissed.

    Blizzards response has been minimal. The most they offered was a restart or two. What most Euro’s want is premades and more servers. Both were denied by Blizzard.

    The only way you could really fix the problem is:
    * Have servers hosted in the EU
    * Give them a premade server
    * Give them more servers

    None of those will happen though.

  3. Yes, they are as bad as people are making out.
    What response? They are very few and far between, just making people even more frustrated rather than anything else.
    We need at least one more server – ALL the EU beta testers are on one server. Need I say more?

    Honestly? I haven’t been able to test much because the server is so unstable – if you’re in Northrend, you’ll most likely be booted after about 15-30 minutes, tops. Not just at peak times, but at ALL times, so really it’s only those who have a hella lot of time to dedicate to the game who can test anything. What’s the point in giving out keys when the majority of those people won’t, in actual fact, be able to log in to test anything?

    I get that they’re probably stress-testing, and that it’s a beta, an extra for us etc, but it really does seem like a bit of a joke. Even comparing the number of forums that the US beta testers have available in comparison to the EU’ers, and you see a difference.

    /rant mode off! 😉

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  4. I’ve only been in the European Beta for two days, but basically have been unable to do anything at all.

    For example, I tried to quickly redo my interface. I got disconnected about every two minutes which included rollbacks. No savings to my changes. I tried several times. Needless to say I nearly got crazy.

    When I tried to approach a mob, I found myself somewhere totally different, way over the mob, in the middle of ten other mobs I didn’t even see before or, well, most of the time, discoed before I could make my move.

    I really really hope this will be better during the weeks in the mornings. Otherwise, I got the key for nothing. And got all excited and happy for nothing. 🙁

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  5. Basically the Euro Beta is a waste of time.

    The server is horribly laggy (and goes down), and we get very little feedback, we can’t even post on the US forums stuff, so if an idea comes up we support, or one we don’t we can’t report it, we occasionally get blue posts, but essentially its a waste of time for us.

    There are so many issues we would love people to take a look at, but for an EU beta player, its a struggle to even find a reason to log.

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