What’s in a Name, Pt. 2

Who's that rogue?

Some of you who’ve followed the blog for a while (and remember when I posted regularly enough to qualify as earning the spot down there on the footer…..) may remember that my guild transferred from a vewwy, vewwy small server to one that had an actual population. When that happened, there were some…. sour grapes, shall we say, from the #2 guild on our old server. (I’ll make a long story short: to read the longer version, please check out my QQ post.) As a result, I had to use the name “Wynthia.” A small change, to be sure, but given my association with this blog, my twitter account, and my email address….not to mention my VERY IDENTITY, I was upset.

Enter my savior, a WoM reader named Corgii. (Shout out!!!) Corgii let me know that I could ticket a GM, tell them about the never-logged-on lvl 1 bogarting my name, and take it back. This had honestly never occurred to me. Oh, sure, I had the little usurper on my friends list… I even sent them 1 gold in the mail to see if they ever, EVER logged on… (they didn’t. My gold came back twice.) But actually asking Blizz to fix it? Hadn’t crossed my mind.

So I did.

And it worked!!!!

I got a free name-change back to my old self. The GM even stayed on to make sure it all worked properly. (Say what you will about Blizz customer service, I’ve only ever had STELLAR experiences with my GM’s. One even gave me a cookie!)

The only downside? Since UI settings are stored by character name, my UI ‘sploded a little, and took a few minutes to sort out.

But now I have a question: I used to be the only Wynthea on the armory. (There was a lvl 11 druid, but that was one of my alts.) Now there’s a rogue. Troll Female. Where did she come from?


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  1. Congratulations!

    I also haven’t had a “bad” conversation with a GM. They’ve all seemed rather nice and helpful. Some conversations were a little strange, but I can’t fault them for either having some fun, or being forced to “add some flair”, whatever the case may be.

    Caladeins last blog post..Playing with Wolfram|Alpha

  2. I tried the same thing, Wyn. When I transferred, I had to give up my beloved name of Baelor. There is a sub-10 character on Malfurion with that name that has held it for over 2 years, never leveling higher than 9 – it doesn’t appear on armory. I ticketed the GM and attempted the same name-switcheroo. He wasn’t having it and rebuffed my attempt 🙁

    Glad it worked out for ya though!

    Joshs last blog post..Cathmor IRL

  3. Galoheart says

    That’s a awesome story and gratz on getting your name back.

    I’ve only always had positive responses with GM in game so always pleasant and responsive.

    A name is very much apart of your game character identity.

    Galohearts last blog post..The Twilight Zone

  4. The whole naming debate really interests me. When I started playing two and a half years ago, I wanted a name that was unique. So I hit up the random name generators and took the first half of one name and the second half of another and plugged the combinations in to the Armory until I found one that noone else had.

    And Saund was born. I was the ONLY Saund in existence. Easy as that. I look at the Armory now and there are SEVEN Saund’s. Only Three are me.

    When I made my Pally, I went for variation on the theme, Thus Saunder. Again, I was the only one. I just checked and there are, wait for it …. 28 … Twenty Eight!!!!! You have to be kidding! How did I become so … COMMON? Even if five of them are me, what changed *my* name into a consumable?? 😀

    Oh, and only final poiint …. Why am I, the original in both cases, not top of the listing in EITHER name?


    Saunders last blog post..Terminal Altoholism

  5. Ducttape says

    I’m screwed if I ever change servers. You know how many Ducttape’s there are? 92! And that’s just what armory reports. There may be more that the armory doesn’t report.

    Silence is Golden, Ducttape is Silver

  6. I like to just press one button after another on the character creation screen until I get a name I like. Thus Ephylia was born, my second toon. And for a long time she was the only one, but gradually the armory became populated by alt-Ephylias. And then just as WotLK came out, one warlock not only beat me to 80, but her name is consistently before mine on the armory listing. Harrumph.

    Darksentinels last blog post..Quantum Butterflies downs Malygos

  7. @ Saunder

    When the armory originally launched, there were only two Euripedes in existence, myself and a human priest.
    Now there are 41 of us.

    As to the second Wynthea… there are four possible explanations.
    1) Total random coincidence
    2) A misguided fan
    3) You have some sort of multiple personality disorder and/or evil twin that likes stabbing and playing WoW.
    4) The name “Aehtnyw” was taken on Dreadmaul.

  8. Galoheart says

    It’s probably possible as some have questioned why their unique name is so common. It possible that the WoW name generator is not quite so random in choosing a name.

    The name generator may in deed generate random names or combination there of maybe. But it’s also possible to believe if a name dosent “yet” exist in the WoW name data base that it’s hard to be suggested as a possible new random name. So the it’s possible one a person makes up a new name and it’s now added to the WoW data base as a real character with armory that that particular name is now somehow added to the WoW name generator as well as a suggested random name for a new person picking on that way.

    The other real possibility left is a person seeing a really cool name by a in game character or popular character in WoW and they now coping that other persons name. For example it’s quite easy to believe their was only one original “BigRedKitty” or as we all popularly know as BRK. But check the armory how many clones do you see and how many do you see with that same hunter name as the original famous WoW blogger. Lots of name imitation but few real originals.

    I really though like to see players with really unique name. Names to be proud of and as unique as their WoW character yet totally unique with some though as to the name they choose.

  9. I had the pleasure of running into a clone in alterac valley in the same battle group. Go figure.

  10. Corgii here! I’m so glad this worked for you, and more glad that I stumbled across your blog post so I could help you out!

    I share your affinity for a certain name; when I see ‘that name is unavailable’ I get so upset!!! You get so attached to a name and then it’s gone; it’s horrible!

    Corgiis last blog post..Of Dead Motherboards and New Guilds


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