What I Want Raiders to Know

This post was inspired by a post I saw on Chris Brogan’s blog. I figured it’d encompass most important raiding aspects nicely.

Do your raiders believe they know all that? I listened in on a pickup group the other day for an Onyxia 25 and it was utterly amazing how lost some people appeared to look. All sense of discipline was lost. It was as if they had just turned 80 and started raiding again. These are bonafide raiders. I suppose to be fair they were on alts of a different class or role.

Once again, let’s get back to the basics.

Raid leaders

  • Know the gimmicks of the fight
  • Be quick and effective when explaining (Don’t drone on)
  • Marking kill and CC targets
  • Delegating someone to handle healing and tanking assignments or doing it themselves
  • Knowing what the “weakest link” is during an encounter and how to resolve it


  • Every possible method they have to generate large amounts of threat
  • Opportunistic times for their own survival cooldowns
  • Ideal tanking position on bosses
  • Spotting loose mobs and grabbing a hold of them


  • Recognizing when their threat is too high and way to slow it up
  • The best times to use their damage cooldowns
  • Avoiding the dangerous crap on the ground
  • How to survive as long as possible in the event they are unable to escape
  • Maintaining CC on targets when necessary
  • How to buff mid combat on players who are brought back alive


  • Knowing how to move and heal
  • When to use defensive cooldowns
  • Managing their mana
  • Knowing when tank healers are unable to heal and going in without asking
  • Knowing where the tank is and keeping up with them

What other basics would you expect your raiders to know?

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