[VIDEO] Omnitron Defense System

Here’s a video of the kill I was a part of when we took down the Omnitron Defense System during Sunday. Special thanks to Blacksen and his guild for allowing me to participate. I wasn’t actually healing at all on this fight. I’m the elemental shaman that’s throwing lightning bolts. It’s a hectic encounter and there is so much stuff going on. Three healers were used for 10 man. It’s a good indication of what to expect.

Read my writeup on WoW Insider (It should be up sometime around 6:00 AM PST, Tuesday morning)

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  1. My favorite part is when everybody, including the resto shaman capping the video, calmly and carefully step outside of the Power Word: Barrier.


    So many years of raiding experience teaching us not to stand in glowy stuff is going to be hard to unlearn.

  2. Voltigeuse says

    I can see that raid awareness of healing area effect spell’s will have to increase. The shammy himself while working hard and effectivley to heal managed to either ‘dodge’ or ‘miss’ nearly all of them sometimes by millimeters but he did manage to cross the room to stand in a patch that returned mana so they are visible.

    I for one will be shouting in vent to get people to come stand in the rain.

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