Ultraxion Quick Thoughts

The trash pulls majorly suck. Reminds me of the old spider room before taking on Sindragosa. Just non-stop fires everywhere. We just barely managed to endure and survive long enough. I think 2-3 drakes on the ground at a time is the limit.

Ultraxion himself is not just a gear check for your character. It is a gear check for your computer. We suffered heavily from disconnects, lag issues and other general frustrations because of the way the encounter was set up. Make sure your Recount, Skada and other related meters are disabled. Shut down anything else that isn’t important.

Hell, I even dropped down to 50 FPS at one point (#FirstRaiderProblems, right?)

Alas, we were a few thousand DPS short. LF ranged and melee DPS <3.

Enjoy the weekend.

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  1. You know… we were short dps as well (25man) until we dropped from 6 healers to 5. The extra DPS made a huge difference, and we were able to down him before the damage ramped up too high. Worth a shot.

  2. If you Taunt the flying dragons they stop puting fire on the ground and come down to melee and their melee is pretty weak.
    We had one tank and the Pallys taunt them down (you can get them down even before they start putting fire down) and even though the remaining tank couldn’t get all the dragons it was pretty easy.
    The fire is much worse than somebody getting meleed by one of the dragons.
    Dragons on the ground do NOT breathe at least in 10man.

    Word of caution: This was 10 man and our equip is pretty good (388 average i’d say).

  3. The trash is annoying, but it’s also the last trash in the zone, so that makes up for it a bit. Are you a few DPS short with everyone up, or are you a few DPS short because people are dying like idiots?

    And yeah, the combat log spam once the green crystal goes down can get pretty crazy, especially if you’re running with a Holy priest since HW:Sanc procs it. It’s basically like the elementals on Rag are exploding *all the time*.

  4. I know you guys run on 25, and we run 10, but we made the dps check with almost two min to spare in ~388 gear. We took 2 healers and 2 tanks, but we are now doing it with only 1 tank. You can use a DPS DK, Warrior, or Ret to pop CDs when your tank goes up (as well as use PS/GS/whatever) to cover the 5 second window.

    So maybe going with a few less healers and a one tank could solve your issue. Certainly helped us. You can also have a single tank do it all if you have a great tank with a low ping. They have to wait till 2 sec on they debuff, taunt, then get out. Since their taunt will last 2 sec and they will be shifted, Untraxion will just not hit anyone. Problem is the timing is really tight. We find that just using a plate DPS with a CD for those 5 sec is much easier than a pure single tank.

    Hope that helped in some small way!

  5. Disgruntler says:

    I have found that not only does taunting firebreathers work, but stuns do as well. Fire Mage-impacting them did the trick of stopping fire. Once we got that stuns, taunts, all are supereffective… the trash pull basically became too easy.

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