Ultraxion Quick Thoughts

The trash pulls majorly suck. Reminds me of the old spider room before taking on Sindragosa. Just non-stop fires everywhere. We just barely managed to endure and survive long enough. I think 2-3 drakes on the ground at a time is the limit.

Ultraxion himself is not just a gear check for your character. It is a gear check for your computer. We suffered heavily from disconnects, lag issues and other general frustrations because of the way the encounter was set up. Make sure your Recount, Skada and other related meters are disabled. Shut down anything else that isn’t important.

Hell, I even dropped down to 50 FPS at one point (#FirstRaiderProblems, right?)

Alas, we were a few thousand DPS short. LF ranged and melee DPS <3.

Enjoy the weekend.

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