Is it Time to Quit Raiding? 16 Questions to Find the Answer

With the recent disbanding of Death and Taxes, it’s time for another moment of introspection.

When is the best time to retire? Or at least, go on a hiatus from raiding? While it may not be applicable for everyone and their guild. Here’s a few questions you’ll want to ask yourself before hanging up your armor and weapons for good.

  1. What are the goals I have for this game? Have I achieved what I set out to do?
  2. Am I even interested in raiding anymore?
  3. Am I getting personal satisfaction from raiding?
  4. How many raids have I attended in the last 60 days? How many mandatory raids have I missed?
  5. Do I have the time to dedicate myself to raiding so that I don’t hinder the progress that is being made by them?
  6. Am I satisfied with how raiding is being handled?
  7. Are my contributions being noted or appreciated?
  8. Did I give this guild’s raid groups enough time to stabilize and progress?
  9. Where does this Guild expect to be in raiding a month from now? 6 months from now? A year from now?
  10. Do I have conflicts with the leadership that cannot be resolved in a way I’m satisfied with?
  11. Will I still be raiding in 6 months or will real life activities take over? (School, work, etc.)
  12. Is this guild dying?
  13. Am I getting tired from raiding? Is it sapping my energy and cutting into my life responsibilities?
  14. Am I an asset to this Guild’s raid?
  15. Could I be doing anything else other than raiding right now?
  16. How will my departure affect the guild? Will they survive without my presence?

EDIT: I forgot to hit the save button. I wanted to add an extra note that this post was inspired by this post at Problogger. Don’t forget to attribute your posts if you borrowed the idea from someone. Stuff like not crediting the original source would’ve gotten me expelled.

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  1. I see what you did there. Before the edit, one of your items (I believe it was number 3), clearly had the word “posting” instead of the word “raiding”.

    Freudian slip maybe?

    Bottom-line, don’t burn yourself out. Whether it’s with raiding or posting; your fellow readers/raiders will benefit more in the long run from someone who is enjoying what they’re are doing rather than someone doing it because they feel they are obligated to. =)

  2. Jon: I apologize. Truly a mistake on my part. I’m starting to get slower and make more mistakes. I screwed up and mislooted tier pieces in Gruul AND Mag. Everything’s starting to get more tiring to do even blogging.

  3. Matt, seriously. In front of the refrigerator. I won’t tell anyone.

    Yer pal,


  4. “Am I getting tired from raiding? Is it sapping my energy and cutting into my life responsibilities? ”

    Probably the most common occurrence and least used reason.

    But, I gotta say i’m happier 😛

    Hi matty

  5. Nice list Matt! In typically opinionated Auz fashion I would like to add, some of the items on the list (7,9,10 and 12 especially) might not be an indication that it’s time to stop raiding as much as an indication that it’s time to look for another guild. Those questions seem to lend themselves more to dissatisfaction with a guild, either for personal reasons. Other questions look at time requirements which also vary from guild to guild.

    “Raiding” guilds have many different requirements and personalities, just because the one you’re in might not be your cup of tea, doesn’t mean your raiding career has to end.

  6. I’ve been trying to decide what to do myself… i’m in a guild that is now 4/5 Hyjal and halfway thru BT. I’m only close with one of the members because of being busy with real life stuff about the time I joined this guild… so i’ve just got on to raid and get gold to raid, no time to get to know anyone outside of raiding.

    I took a break from WoW when I started dating this guy. Well my relationship ended and a real life friend from work talked me into starting a toon on her server. She’s hardly ever on and the few times i’ve logged onto my tank the one member i’m close to is trying to get me back into raiding…

    There’s a part of me that wants to get some gear to at least show i’ve played BT/Hyjal a bit (all I got before I quit raiding was a cloak from Hyjal). But i’m so tired of getting online and it’s pretty much all business, all the time.

    I could try to go to another guild but i’m limited on my server, there aren’t many if any tanks spots available at my level… and I don’t feel like proving myself all over again.

    I miss WoW, but after a week of coming back I barely wanna get on longer than 15-20 minutes before I log off.

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