Time Saving Tip in Black Temple

Black Temple’s a sickeningly long instance. My guild only logs about 12 hours a week raiding. I’m hoping to appeal to some raiding readers for some help. Aside from the usual time saving tips in Black Temple, can you think of other ways to shave minutes or even seconds off while clearing through?

Here’s an example:

A variety of tricks can be used in conjunction with Blessed Medallion of Karabor. This means your Guild will have to have killed Illidan. Anyways, when you kill Teron Gorefiend, equip the Medallion and use it to port to the entrance. Hop on to your mount of choice and zoom into the entrance. Talk to the Draenaneanainnie ghost (thanks Ratshag), and you’ll get ported to the other Draenaneanainnie ghost. While it may not seem like much, it has the effect of shaving five years off the run down (to me at least).

Aside from that, do you have any time saving tips? Are there any particular mobs that can be skipped? Shortcuts that no one knows about? This doesn’t have to even be limited to Black Temple. I’m thinking about compiling a future post on raiding shortcuts and I’d love to hear some more from the readers!

(On other note, approaching the 500k traffic mark. Oh boy.)

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