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Black Temple’s a sickeningly long instance. My guild only logs about 12 hours a week raiding. I’m hoping to appeal to some raiding readers for some help. Aside from the usual time saving tips in Black Temple, can you think of other ways to shave minutes or even seconds off while clearing through?

Here’s an example:

A variety of tricks can be used in conjunction with Blessed Medallion of Karabor. This means your Guild will have to have killed Illidan. Anyways, when you kill Teron Gorefiend, equip the Medallion and use it to port to the entrance. Hop on to your mount of choice and zoom into the entrance. Talk to the Draenaneanainnie ghost (thanks Ratshag), and you’ll get ported to the other Draenaneanainnie ghost. While it may not seem like much, it has the effect of shaving five years off the run down (to me at least).

Aside from that, do you have any time saving tips? Are there any particular mobs that can be skipped? Shortcuts that no one knows about? This doesn’t have to even be limited to Black Temple. I’m thinking about compiling a future post on raiding shortcuts and I’d love to hear some more from the readers!

(On other note, approaching the 500k traffic mark. Oh boy.)

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  1. When you go up the stairs to the courtyard area before gorefiend, hug the left wall kill grunts making your way to back wall.

    Once there you can pull the Flayer group this saves a good chunk of time killing grunt and that 6 pull at entrance.

  2. On pull after Najentus (worst in BT imo) have all your shammies pop earth elementals while a pally tank sits in there too. You can LOS the majority of sludge novas and then burst aoe with little hassle.

    On Supremus trash clear the area in front of entrance from sewer, then strat pulling middle mobs, then work up right side, across and then back down. This will leave the far back left corner mobs up (wen facing supremus) You have more then enough room to kite etc. and this will shave off another nice chunk of time.

  3. the only shortcut I know we take (we’ve only downed up to mother shaz) is after supremeus, we ride back to the transporting guy instead of clearing trash to shade of akama.

  4. gb’s tips are excellent, my guild employs those every BT run.

    On the way to Illidari Council, it is unnecessary to pull every mob pack. You can hug the right-hand wall to avoid the first Blood Elf pack, and you can skip the two sentinels along the far wall as you come close to the Council’s room.

    On Gorefiend trash, target and kill the Deathshaper’s first. They will bring back any fallen allies as undead skeletons with enough HP to be annoying otherwise. Also, whenever possible, kill the hunter-mobs before their dogs. The frost nova traps they lay really hurt momentum and screw up the tanks.

    Joshs last blog post..The Itch

  5. Bring nothing but CoH priests, Prot Paladins, Mages and warlocks, and AoE EVERYTHING.

    We’re talking like first 4 bosses all at once. Do Illidan and his council at the same time.

    Do all three phases of Angry/Sad/Sex all at once!

    It’ll be the fastest BT run EVER.

    Euripedess last blog post..This Made Me Giggle…

  6. In all seriousness, CHAIN PULL!

  7. Not a bad plan, will likely try that tbh, First Maiden and Moroes, then Maiden, attuman and Moroes, Maiden, Attuman and Opera… the list is endlessly amusing for what you can do.

  8. Last night we were clearing trash up to Bloodboil. In the chamber immediately before the ramp down to Bloodboil, our MT was tanking a first Behemoth when our OT accidentally pulled the AoE pack with the second Behemoth. It was surprisingly manageable. Compared to 6 Aboms, 6 Necs, the triple pull was cake.

  9. Use neck from Supremus and Gorefiend. For pull after najentus, md to a mage who then run and then uses invis while raid slips past. Summon mage after.

    Beg/borrow partially cleared instance is the best, otherwise chain pull and dont wipe. This week full clear was 5 hours with 2 low % wipes on Illidan:(

    Hope your having better lucks with drops then us. No healer mace, no healer cloak and no healer trinkets so far.

  10. There are a couple of tricks we picked up from a BT speed clear video. One being to use earth elementals on those annoying poison guys after Najentus. It used to crash the wow client for whatever reason, but it works fine now. The elementals are able to soak a tons of the poison since they’re immune to nature, and just make it so much easier to heal the raid through.

    The next is skipping trash to gorefiend (also works for mother). Have the raid back a safe distance away while a hunter uses eye of the beast and sends his pet up the stairs, aggroing all the mobs above. Once the pet dies, the hunter runs towards Supremeus, and when the mobs catch up to him there, he feigns. Meanwhile the raid runs by when all the trash passes them, clears the next group of trash that didn’t get aggro’d and sits in that safe spot. When the hunter feigns, all the trash he kited reappears, he gets summoned to the safe spot, and continue clearing. *NOTE* this is a BAD idea and will waste more time than saves if you aren’t pretty confident you will 1-shot the boss. Search for the speed clear video for specifics on the positioning. Here our fraps of the first time we did this. There is some random vent talking with it, think there might be an F-bomb so just warning 😛

  11. Oh yeah, another thing we started doing was on Shade of Akama, having our tanks just tank all the extra adds while being healed through, and ALL of the dps burning down the channelers, then burning the shade once he’s loose. It can be a bit overwhelming if you get a bad placed rain of fire, but we’ve gotten like 1 minute kills like this.

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