Things You Learn About Blizzard by Reading Forums, Comments, and Blogs

Every class is overpowered and needs a nerf.

Every class is underpowered and needs a buff.

Blizzard caters to the casuals.

Blizzard listens only to the elitists.

They never listen to what anyone says despite the fact that everyone is clearly smarter.

They listen to the 1% and make changes that are only bad for the game.

The game is too hard.

It’s also too easy.

Ghostcrawler’s main is a class that you don’t play. In fact, he always buffs the one that he plays and just happens to nerf the class that you play.

He has a yacht with a specific button labeled “NERF” which he uses on classes depending on his mood.

They’re biased towards the Horde.

Actually, they’re biased towards the Alliance.

They’re leaning towards PvP and battlegrounds.

They’re favouring PvE and raiders.

Everything was better years ago. Quality of life changes suck.

WoW is going to die. Like it was when AoC came out. When City of Heroes came out. When LoTRO came out. When Planetside came out. When SWTOR came out. When TERA came out. And when TSW came out. The next MMO’s going to do it and seal the deal. This time. For sure.

And Han shot first.

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  1. But Han *did* shoot first! =O

  2. imageheavy says:

    “He has a yacht with a specific button labeled “NERF” which he uses on classes depending on his mood.”

  3. SubtleMachination says:

    Overwhelmingly, yes.But they still have some valid opinions. Occasionally there are some hidden gems in forums that suggest brilliant solutions to mechanical problems. But these ideas never come the complaint threads. They come from the “What if they did this instead…” threads.

  4. You’re lucky I’m not that gullible. I’d be so confused right now! 😛

  5. Yes.Oh, but you forgot one – “The Devs hate Paladins” And to echo Lyrestra, Han did indeed shoot first 😉

  6. You forgot “Blizz will release (patch/expac/raid X) on (date) to counter-act the release of (competitor Y)”.  After years of never having cared when competitors were releasing, I still see these assurances made in tweets all the time.

  7. SubtleMachination says:

    “Man, I just HATE this class that we’ve spent years to develop. Why don’t we try really hard to ruin it. Let’s do everything in our power to ruin the experience of our most loyal customers, motivated purely from our bizarre vendetta against this fictional class.”Said no dev ever.

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