Things in Mists to get Excited For

Things in Mists to get Excited For

Look at all the non-raid stuff that we can do at max level! I’m so excited for the expansion!

World of Farmcraft – Sweet! I can build my own farm! And it allows me to grow my own herbs and herb while I farm. Now I can really put that farming RP set to use.

Pet battles – Something to do in between wipes or pulls that isn’t Bejeweled. Looks like pets will be unified across all your characters, too (As in account bound). Gotta catch em’ all!

World bosses – We only get two. Not bad.

Scenarios – The more I hear about scenarios, the more I like them. Looks like they’ll fit sizes anywhere from 5 players, to 10, and to 25. It’ll offer some nice alternatives from raiding or if your group happens to be done early that week. It’s possible to score Valor Points out of them as well. Group quests that aren’t technically group quests, basically.

Challenges – Seems like these’ll be super hard to take on. Bronze seems like something achievable for everyone but Silver and Gold will be reserved for the best of the best. Reminds me of the old Star Wars: Rogue Squadron achievements on my N64.

Spirits of beer – The ones that are haunting the Stormstout Brewery? They’re called Alementals. Best name ever.

The new LFR loot rules – So if my understanding of this is correct, you’re not hitting the need roll on each item individually anymore. Rather, you hit the need roll once for just that boss. If you win the roll, the system checks to see if there’s an item for you (for me, like a caster staff). If there isn’t an item for you, tough luck. The other players in your group can no longer affect your roll. You’re also not going to get an item every time.

Female pandas – I… uh, don’t know what words I can use appropriately to describe the pleasure I get from looking at them.

Megadamage – Looks like they’re going with the 40k damage approach on the screen instead of saying 40000.

AoE looting – It’s about time.

But oi! It looks like we’re really close to beta. Probably within the next 2-3 months. There is a remarkable amount of polish and completion here. If I were to hazard a guess, most of the work is being done on the end game content along with more talent systems balance.

What additions and changes are you excited for?

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