Theme Songs of Conquest

Theme Songs of Conquest

Daniel Whitcomb wrote a breakfast topic this morning about theme songs. The minions in Conquest are extremely aware of my diverse taste in music. Sometimes I’ll play various fast upbeat songs to help pump myself up. Other times I’ll play slower pieces to help calm myself down.

What are the theme songs of Conquest?

Joe Esposito – You’re the Best Around

This is actually Stop’s theme song. But that doesn’t mean it can’t have multiple uses! One of the epic scenes in Karate Kid is when Daniel LaRusso works his way up the tournament bracket into the finals and Joe Esposito is blaring in the background,

Just remember that when it seems like the deck is stacked against you, you’re the best… arooooound!

Power Rangers Theme Song

Power Rangers was the Grand Theft Auto of violence blame back in the day. I remember rushing home from school when I was really young just so I could watch the show on TV. How many violent incidents did Power Rangers spark across schools in North America? I have no idea. There was so much controversy about TV violence and it’s influence. I looked it up on Wikipedia. 17 seasons, 15 series, and two theatrical films. Wow, really?

Chariots of Fire

One of the most cliche’d songs in existence. Whenever victory comes down to one person, I cue this song right up and starting playing it over vent. For example, several weeks ago when we were testing Ulduar, I had a guy constantly disconnecting. The rest of us were already inside the zone. But he was caught in Storm Peaks trying to work his way to the instance portal. Another example is Warsong Gulch. As our group was carrying the flag across the zone, we were slowly getting picked apart one by one. Conquest sharpshooter Amava had the flag. One of our mages dropped. The Ret Paladin gave Amava freedom before dying. I lit up Pain Suppression and a Psychic scream before my last breath. And it was all that Amava needed (and Vangelis) to make it to the finish line.

Rocky Theme – Gonna Fly Now

Oh my god it’s Rocky! And he’s being chased by the masses! Go, go, go! The clip shows Rocky literally running through the entire series. As he runs and trains he is cheered on by literally the entire city! This movie must be way older than I am. But the song is no less inspiring. The guy jumps over park benches and sprints across everything. Damn.

Journey – Don’t Stop Believing

I confess. I’ve never heard of this song until I saw it on that episode on Family Guy. Since then, it has been converted into a ringtone for my phone. I challenge someone to come up with a Warcraft rendition.

What surprised me most is the hair. Man, did people really have hairstyles like that back then?

Europe – The Final Countdown

Did you just kill the third Drake of Obsidian Sanctum? Enter Phase 3 of Malygos? Does Kel’Thuzad have less than 15% health left? Congratulations. It’s the final countdown. You’re on to the final stretch and moments away from victory!

Any Final Fantasy – Victory Theme

Yay! Boss down! Loot and you’re all set!

Isaac Hayes – Theme from Shaft

If I had my own entrance theme song, I believe the theme from Shaft would be it.

Can you dig it? You damn right.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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  1. I have theme songs for my RP characters if that counts. >.>

    Lilithariens last blog post.._erica: @mattycus That’s amusing, you can’t post the URL. lol.

  2. Penitence says:

    When my guild first downed Maly-25, someone had held down their vent button with “Beat It” by Michael Jackson playing in the background. That pumped us up and got us through the last 15%. I would say that’s our “theme song”, for progression raids at least.

  3. Any boss fight that involves lots of running around is easily improved by a little Yakety Sax.

    (I introduced my guild to the song when we were doing Archimonde, which was quite appropriate)

  4. After weeks of wiping on a boss, the video on our guild site would always be “Payback” by James Brown.

    Any James Brown works if “take it to the bridge” corresponds to a phase change (such as Rag submerging and the 8 sons appearing).

  5. I gotta say, I’m not fond of any of those songs (although Chariots of Fire and Shaft are OK). Journey and Europe are a bit pompous and take themselves way too seriously for me 😛

    The best use of music I remember was way back when we were doing a speed run through Molten Core and someone put the William Tell Overture on Vent. I laughed so much throughout that run 🙂

  6. Guild’s themelist:
    Trash – Benny Hill theme
    Lurker – Baywatch theme
    General – Surfin Bird
    Heigan – Woo Hoo (The’s)

  7. Sientina says:

    Certain songs come to mind when playing certain characters, such as the James Bond theme song every time my rogue goes into stealth.

  8. We played Ghostbusters the first time we downed Teron 😀

    Specktors last blog post..Sarth3D Down! Bring on Ulduar!

  9. How do you play songs on vent? I’ve been meaning to surprise my guildies with funny and appropriate songs for a while now, but I can’t figure out how to stream…

  10. We just hold down push to talk with the song playing and that seems to work. I’m sure there must be a better way though.

    Specktors last blog post..Sarth3D Down! Bring on Ulduar!

  11. Metalreaper says:

    You have the option to change your “input” from something besides your mic.

  12. Alclarity says:

    Believe it or not,
    I’m walking on air.
    I never thought I could feel so free-.
    Flying away on a wing and a prayer.
    Who could it be?
    Believe it or not it’s just me.

  13. Alclarity says:

    There is actually a huge addon for WoW that has ff7 music for overworld (world map), chocobo theme(mount), random encounters (fighting mobs), bosses, etc.

  14. IcE_IcE_N00b says:

    Uhhhh Mallet, how could you forget Dawson’s Creek theme and Canada’s mascot, Celine Dion? Oh and “This shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!” You fail.


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