The Voice Behind the Pen: Matt’s Podcasts Available for Download

If for whatever reason you’re interested in hearing what sick Canadians sound like, be sure to check out the following two podcasts which I’ve participated in over the weekend:

I felt more relaxed on TN then the WI show, to be honest heh. When I first started blogging, I never expected of doing any kind of podcasting all with other people and players and I had a lot of fun doing it! Maybe I’ll do it again at some point in the future!

I completely missed the shoutouts on both podcasts. Ugh. I feel so terrible. If you listen carefully enough to the WI show early on, you might catch the sounds of GMail in the background. You can blame Wyn for embarrassing me live on the air =).

One more thing, on Twisted Nether I said something about there being snow at the end of May. I might’ve forgot to mention that my University is on top of a mountain and my sarcasm/jokingness may not have transmitted properly.

It’s my first foray into podcasting. With that in mind, I’d love to get some feedback and some grades on my performance. How did I do?

12 thoughts on “The Voice Behind the Pen: Matt’s Podcasts Available for Download”

  1. Podcasts freak me out. When DnT was in its hayday, circa 2006, I had to do an interview with WoWRadio live… it got about a hundred thousand downloads. I was so nervous and I sounded retarded.

    Don’t worry though, you don’t :)~

  2. You know, it’s really a keyboard… rather than a pen.

    And I don’t see how it’s my fault that you forgot to turn your speakers off; I was just offering support in real-time!


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