The Return of the World Boss

The Return of the World Boss

Reason #78 why Mists of Pandaria is going to be awesome?

World bosses.

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. He’s got some massive cannons on his back. His actual name is Galleon but I prefer to think of him as Blastoise.

And no, he doesn’t shoot water.

Here’s a better screenshot below so you can actually see the scale of it.


And it’s a dude on top of a… I forgot what the animal’s name is called. I’m not sure what the story line is, but he’s just chillin’ there in the Valley of Four Winds. Once he spawned, both factions sent raiding units to engage him. Must’ve been around 60+ players total that were chipping in DPS. We barely made a dent though.

Now you see, he’s got an ability called Stomp. In addition to dealing 100k damage to players around him and knocking players down for 3 seconds, it also has the ability to boot players off the server. However, after Mists goes live, I expect it to crash computers, restart modems, and cause neighbourhood power outages.

Did you ever have a chance to tackle world bosses during Vanilla or Burning Crusade?

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  1. shannara says:

    Umm our eyes are not devieving us. The screenshot doesnt show the back at all, thus no cannons 😛

  2. I LOVE world bosses! Especially when I stumble upon some people fighting them, and I can either help them or….
    Silly Alliance I will kill you! (Not true, I’m Resto I can barely kill critters.)

  3. Smooglie says:

    For the love of world bosses, yay 🙂 In BC, being in the highest progressed guild on my server, we used to kill world bosses any time one was up at the beginning or end of our raiding evening (me being a resto druid- yay, Kazzak boots). It always turned into a fun hour or so of PvP b/c there was a fairly strong Horde PvP guild on my server who would try to mess with us, but we had more numbers. Looking forward to the return of world bosses (I wonder if this is in part bc Blizz wants a reintroduction of world PvP?)

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