The Progression Click

We’ve been working on heroic Majordomo for a while. I’d say a little over 20 attempts total. I find it amusing though that the first 15 or so attempts involve the group wiping around the 4 minute mark. That would be around the 50% mark in regards to his health. Yet as we continue to gradually refine our technique and positioning, we experience a significant jump from 50% downward. Now  his average health plummets down to 14%.


It’s as if everything just happens to click at once for everyone. Now what needs to happen is that the team needs to just survive and really play their best to get us the rest of the way there. When we were progressing through older bosses, you could actually see progress as it was occurring. Our first attempts would take a boss down to 70%. Subsequent ones would drop it to 50%. Maybe we experience a breakthrough and drop the boss again down to 35%. Some more adjustments then see us consistently getting a boss past 15% before the kill occurs.

But a boss like this? Nope! No gradual progress here! Just a straight forward drop in health. We’ve been alternating between 5 and 6 healers. We’re not really trying anything out of the ordinary but we’ve had cases where we just haven’t had enough bodies so we’ll take the one extra healer instead.

I can almost taste it. Except we have 3 weeks left to do as much as we can (At least, if the rumors on patch 4.3 are believed).

Now I just need the final 15% of the boss to click with everyone and we’ll be good for it.

Also, I got into the Diablo 3 beta. Whoo! It’s fun! (A little laggy in some areas though).

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