The New Hearthstone Patch!

With the release of the new Hearthstone patch, the entire ranking system has been revamped. No more of this Masters 3 star business. No more seeing “I got to Masters 3 with an 85% win rate using [your class type here]”. With the previous system, it was entirely possible to grind to the very top by virtue of dogged resilience. You never lost rating even if you did lose matches! I just hit ranked 14 and it is a dog fight to climb to the top. Mages seem to be the hew flavour of the month. For every 5 mage decks, I play some other random class. It’s getting to the point where I need to put together an anti-mage deck.

In the business of Warcraft, Conquest continues to steadily progress. Heroic Sha of Pride fell to our arms. I was drafted to heal tonight since a few of our regular and backup healers weren’t around. I made the switch back to discipline from holy. It isn’t as much fun for me to play but I can’t deny the results either. We’ve started making pulls on heroic Galakras but if the first few pulls are any indication, it’s going to be an endurance race. We went up to 10 minutes before we were eventually overwhelmed.

Any heroic level healers looking for a raiding guild? I’m looking to pick up some non-priests since that would free me up and allow me to play shadow again. We’re about to enter the holiday stretch anyway.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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  1. broseidon says:

    It’s a shame that posts are a lot less frequent now. Was a great blog. Also where’s the matticast?

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