The Most Important Rule in Mount Hyjal

If you ever get to experience the pain of Mount Hyjal, just make sure you follow this very important rule:

Go to the bathroom BEFORE engaging trash.

Oh, and I forgot to include this awesome screenshot:


Yes, we killed Anetheron. We’re sitting at 2/5 Hyjal.

Phat loots? You bet!

Archbishop’s Slippers
Bastion of Light

I picked me up a pair of slippers to replace my Boots of the Long Road.

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  1. This is also an important consideration in Zul’Aman. Particularly when a: racing the timer, b: doing either of the gauntlets or c: both.

    Zul’Aman + two cups of tea = not good! Not that, you know, I would know anything about that kind of thing…

    Grats on the purpl itamz!!

  2. GirlMeetsWoW says

    I’m beginning to loathe that trash. It’s just Flamestrike, wait for GCD, Flamestrike, wait for GCD, over and over and over again.

  3. Doc Holiday says

    Bring a Prot Pally

  4. Gratz on the slippers. How much +heal are you up to?

  5. who is this tree druid in your photo /hmm :O

    other important rule of hyjal:

    healer, don’t heal until tank is in range of the mbos or you will enjoy a timely death!

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