The Great Nerf and Matt’s New League of Legends Blog

Hello nerfs!

As announced in the Firelands Raid Changes Incoming’ blog post, we’ll be making the below hotfixes which have gone into effect during today’s raid reset.

Normal difficulty

  • Shannox, Beth’tilac, Rhyolith – health and damage reduced by 15%.
  • Other bosses – health and damage reduced by 25%.
  • All adds’ health and damage have been reduced in the same proportions as bosses.
  • Hellhounds and Unstable Magma deal much less damage.
  • Alysrazor’s Fiery Tornados move slower.
  • The Wings of Flame buff duration on Alysrazor is now uniformly 30 seconds.
  • Alysrazor drops 1 additional feather for 10-player mode and 2 additional feathers for 25-player mode in all cycles.
  • Wrath of Ragnaros in Stage 1 now knocks targets up, but not back.

Heroic difficulty

  • Boss health and damage reduced by 15% (Heroic Ragnaros’ health has not been reduced.)
  • All adds’ health and damage have been reduced in the same proportions as bosses. However, Heroic Ragnaros adds have been reduced by 15%.
  • The Wings of Flame buff duration on Alysrazor is now uniformly 30 seconds.
  • Alysrazor drops 1 additional feather for 10-player mode and 2 additional feathers for 25-player mode in all cycles.


We’ve had about 10 weeks in Firelands. During Tier 11, we had 6 months. Doesn’t 10 weeks seem a bit short to you? But I guess if they want to keep up with their expansion release cycle for one a year, it has to be this way. The next question to ask is how long are we going to have Firelands for before 4.3 comes out. I think we’re going to see clips of 4.3 stuff during BlizzCon (Late October) and then the patch itself will come out right after it. We’ll find out how nerfed everything is going to be now. I can’t help but look at the stark contrast between the amount of time we had to work on this content compared to tier 11. Some of us are lamenting because of the lack of time and others are ecstatic because it’ll free up more of the game for them.

I promise, I’m not getting burned out or anything. I just go through these phases where I hibernate for a bit. It gets difficult at times to come up with new blog topic ideas. Every time I come up with an idea, I realize that I’ve written about it last year, the year before or at some point on some different site. While I don’t mind revisiting certain topics every so often, the trick is to do so from a different angle or some way which adds additional value.

To avoid blogging burnout about WoW, I’ve turned to blogging about… League of Legends! Similar in vein to this blog, it’s aimed at helping newer players get into the game. I’ll also be detailing my experiences into going from a casual LoL player into a slightly more competitive one. I’m also giving away an Arctic Warfare Caitlyn skin.

Minion Spawn: League of Legends blog

Already have several posts created. For players that are new to the game, here’s a few highlights.

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  1. It’s been 12 weeks (3 months). So we’re “halfway” with only 7 bosses compared to 13. Ok timing and nothing here that will make bosses “faceroll” for people seeing them for the first time.

  2. The nerf to normal seemed a little premature but to a degree I am grateful. Having just gotten a crazy-amount of new members/raiders, the nerf helps us get into Firelands faster and I’d like the team to see Rag (or get in spitting distance), even if it’s only Normal, before the next Patch.

    I saw no need to nerf Heroic FL though – in my mind, heroic raids should be there for the top end raiders to test their mettle – especially since there is nothing that is “missing” from the fights (unlike Ulduar hard Modes where the fights were interestingly different and curiosity piquers). And it would have been nice for Blizzard to have kept the ICC “turn off the nerf” option going into Cata.

    I don’t get why two of the most intriguing changes to raiding that were introduced in Wrath failed to make it to Cata, unless Blizzard has an issue with providing players with the ability to choose.

  3. After not having played League of Legends for a fair few months now, the mood struck me a couple of days ago. Unfortunately it completely barfed on applying a few months worth of patches, leaving it looking like it needs a complete re-install. I didn’t bother.

  4. We were 4/7HM on Monday, now we are 6/7HM. We killed two new HM bosses in 2 hours, so I think the nerf was rather huge. I am not angry, like the vocal minority, but I do think it was a bit quick. We have had a lot of attendance issues (seems like everyone is) and certainly had the ability to get 6/7 pre-nerf. Course now we can clear 6/7 in one night, which is nice I suppose.

    • But kind of boring when you can go afk during an endgame bossfight and still win. But i guess Blizzard is afraid of loosing the subscription money from the large amounts of people that have problem focusing for more than a minute at a time. Atleast i dont have to feel bad for beeing baked as hell during raid.

  5. I’m very upset with the heroic nerfs, personally. We were 2/7 heroic last week. Wednesday night we had some attendance issues – 1 new tank, 1 offspec, 2 missing healers, 1 new healer, and a DC’d raid leader. We managed to down a new heroic boss even with so many new & subbed players, and probably would have had 2 if the raid had not chosen to focus on getting the server first on the legendary staff. It should be harder, and the normal modes we did Thu night to finish the staff were a joke. We could have 4 healed H Alysrazor, and we used to 6 heal it.

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