The Golden Rule of Invading Capital Cities

The Golden Rule of Invading Capital Cities

The various factions in the World of Warcraft have their own respective Capital cities. Some of them are easier to breach than others. On some PvP servers, raids are organized almost weekly to storm into an opposing city and take out their leader.

Why would you do that?

Bolvar doesn’t drop any loot, gold or massive honor points. Killing Thrall doesn’t offer you a quest reward or access to Stormwind’s coffers.

So why do these raids happen? Because they just want to have some fun! Sometimes its nice to simply let yourself go and team up with other players to level towns and kill NPCs.

So what’s the golden rule?

When invading a capital city, don’t just bring a raid group. Bring a damn army. See below:

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Horde forces struck early in the evening. We had no warning at all. We returned to Stormwind after a successful win in Alterac Valley when the alarm sounded. The portals were activated and an advance group of Rogues and Druids went ahead to scout what we were up against.

We didn’t hear anything from them since because they lagged out. One by one, I watched their raid frames wink “offline”. An organized and well equipped AV premade should’ve been enough to rout these challengers since we had home field advantage.

Assuming it was only 1 Horde raid.

But there were 3.

When I emerged out from the Mystic Ward, it seemed we were too late. Skeletons littered the bank and the auction house. It seems an advance group came in and caught the city with their pants down and knocked out the 3 auctioneers without hesitation.

Figured that Horde forces would try to pick apart our economy first.

As our counter offensive streamed out of Ironforge, we looked down the road.

For the first time, I was shocked and awed.

Never had so many come to destroy so few.

I tried to throw what Lightning Bolts I could. But 7 second cast times made it impossible for me to do anything. Playing with that many characters around you in an open area was like trying to swim with your hands and feet bound. We could do nothing but watch as they strolled in and headed for the King’s Throne.

With that, the retreat was sounded and those of us with hearthstones available withdrew back to Darnassus. It didn’t take a Gnomish Rocket Scientist to figure out that once they were done with Ironforge, Stormwind would fall next. To even try and raise an army that could come close to challenging a unit of that size would have been inconceivable.

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  1. This is the sort of stuff I was talking about in my Azerothian armageddon blog post, The End of the World (of Warcraft)! I crave this sort of stuff, but am usually too busy to arrange it. Plus, the aforementioned lag borks the experience up.

    Joshs last blog post..The Funniest Guild Application Ever

  2. A few weeks ago, we were bored in guild and went and 10 manned Cairne Bloodhoof. It was alot of fun (especially since very few horde showed up to defend).

  3. It would be awesome to see something like that. The last time someone organized a big raid like that the whole server lagged out and then crashed. It took 3 hours for the server to come back up.

    Tankettes last blog post..Ho Hum

  4. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    Honorshammers last blog post..Hi Ho

  5. I always use words without knowing what they ever mean. ^^

  6. Does the name Inigo Montoya mean anything to you?

    Honorshammers last blog post..Hi Ho

  7. Aaaaaaaassssss


    wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissshhhhhh … …

    Joshs last blog post..The Funniest Guild Application Ever

  8. Nope, no idea who that is.

  9. Oh, total failure Matt!

    Go watch “The Princess Bride.” Now. I don’t care what you’re doing, drop everything and watch the movie. You’ll like it, it’s got Andre the Giant, Peter Falk (Lt. Columbo), Billy Crystal, and a young Fred Savage in it.

    And you will forever remember the following phrase: “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

    Joshs last blog post..Good Times, Good Music, Good Concert

  10. Apoptygmaa says:

    For the Horde!

    Apoptygmaas last blog post..The Cauldron Begins to Simmer

  11. Sounds like a chick flick :O.

  12. It should say something that both Honors and I are referencing it, and we are both hetero males. This is a defining movie of the late ’80s, man, jump on it!

    Joshs last blog post..Good Times, Good Music, Good Concert

  13. “Sounds like a chick flick :O.”


    It is a chick flick the way Star Wars is a chick flick.

  14. Wait, I was thinking Princess Diaries not Princess Bride.

    Late 80s eh? Way before my time =).

  15. Princess Diaries != The Princess Bride

    The former is a chick flick of epic proportions.
    The latter is an epic flick of awesome proportions.

    I don’t care if you’re a youngin, I was 3 when the movie was released, that didn’t stop me from knowing/seeing/loving it. Why haven’t you popped it into your vid player yet? Quit stalling!

  16. Princess Bride is not a chick flick. In fact, it warns you about the ‘kissing parts’ that are coming.

    Anyone who has not seen this movie should be subjected to “The Machine”.

    Matt, why are you reading this comment? Get thee to a Blockbuster with all haste and watch this movie!!

    Kids these days. He probably hasn’t watch Rocky Horror either.

    Have fun storming the castle!!

    Honorshammers last blog post..A Smattering Of Weekend Thoughts

  17. Princess Bride = win, go watch it now

  18. For Iñigo Montoya fans in Wow, visit Lighthope Chapel in Eastern plagelands, he is on the meeting on the central table.

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