The Carnage Voice Environment

I got a laugh from reading a post coutesy of Kulrayk (or Aylii) about Ventrilo environments and how they might be different. Although she does post a great question that I should go out of my way to look up. I really have no idea what the average age of the Guild is. Kulrayk has been a guest on my Guilds vent at my request. I figured she might be interested in learning about how Carnage operates during raids, and here are some of her conclusions:

  • Carnage had longer periods of rated X talk than my guild. This leads me to believe that the average age of members on carnage are lower than of those in Echoes.
  • Accents. Most of my guildies are east coasters. carnage seems to have an abundance for west coasters, and surprisingly enough, many live here in Southern California!
  • There is more talk of PvP-QQ on Carnage, which once again leads me to believe that the members are younger.

But I can say most of us (with the exception of Netherscrub ^^) are past high school. I love it. I can’t wait until she hits 70. She’d fit in well, I figure =).

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  1. Well… We do have 2 distinct crowds in Carnage vent now.

  2. Crowd 1: Blori
    Crowd 2: People who waste Blori’s time

    Eh? Eh?

  3. Sounds like an interesting crowd. :

    My guildies already drive me nuts as it is, but I love them.

  4. nuetralise says:

    haha I think the average age of people in my guild would be between 20-24 or so. A LOT of the chat that goes on in guild and on vent is definetely rated X.

    I think there’s one person who is under 18, but he handles himself well and gives out as much banter as he receives. There’s definetely not many pre-18 year old people with the maturity level to actually fit in to a guild like ours, but I’m glad he’s around. Good kid

  5. Doc Holiday says:

    Carnage is pretty laid back for a raiding guild. It is relaxing at times but it does cause us some problems

    Overall I am enjoying my second time around with Carnage

  6. As a high school student, I can say that there is very little immature drivel about nuclear weapon design on Vent. This leads me to believe that the average age of Carnage is above 20, assuming that none of them have seen Duck and Cover.


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