SYTYCB: Week 2 Cuts

I wish I could keep everyone. The standard this week has improved so much that it’s becoming more difficult to choose. I knew it would be hard, but I didn’t anticipate it would be this hard. Every blogger (yes, you are now all bloggers) deserves their own blog. Reading and editing these posts has shown me that they can blog just as well as the rest of us out there.

Who knows why they aren’t doing that already?

In any case, it’s with a heavy heart that with I announce who will be leaving us this week.


You did well, my friend. But the competition really pushed it to the extreme. I know when we were chatting, you mentioned briefly about the desire to start writing no matter what would happen. I want to see you pursue that desire. And when you do start blogging under your own name, make sure you send me a link. You have great talent, and I know the blogosphere would benefit greatly from your experience and your voice.

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  1. It was a good run, and I have no complaints.

    I am looking forward to the next 2 weeks… the bar is insanely high now, I want to see what comes out. ^_^

  2. I must admit I was quite disappointed in this result as I thought Crutch’s entry was one of the best ones this week, closely followed by Syd. So I do hope he opens up his own blog! 🙂

    Tufvas last blog post..Beginner’s guide to healing add-ons – part 1

  3. I certainly hope Crutch keeps writing! I also thought his entry was the best. Very imaginative, I was rolling the entire time.

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