They’re the only way to deal with these healing relics. Paladins, you guys are especially blinding. There needs to be a new metric on the most dangerous bosses list: Wipes due to dazzling graphics. I’m positive we’ve wiped a half dozen times due to this somewhere.

Attenuation? Why don’t I just blind the raid for you!

Seriously though, can we make them just a touch more transparent? Surely there’s a little knob that controls opacity of spell graphics. I’m sure it’s next to the one that’s labelled “Nerf warlocks”.

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  1. Suzushiiro says:

    Crab man has already stated that it’s being fixed in 5.1:

  2. Random Blizzard Dev: “Hey Greg, I was going to turn down the opacity on spell effects, but the ink on these two labels are smudged, which one is opacity, and which one is “Nerf Paladins”?”
    Greg T. Street: “Huh, I don’t know, just turn them both down to be safe”

  3. Yes, YES!

  4. LOL
    I’m still waiting for my Rhinestone Sunglasses from Bling 😛

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