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On Tuesday, we caught wind that several of our tanks would either be late or absent for Thursday’s raid. We were getting close to a Spine take down last week. Multiple consecutive attempts involved getting to the third plate, then getting to the second half of the plate. We knew that Spine would fall soon enough. We experienced a testicle crushing 6% wipe on the final tendon. But it would be the next attempt (or two) that sealed it.

Our tanks nailed it. Our warrior tanks (including fellow WoW Insider colleague Matt Rossi),  ran disjointed cheerios around the backside of Deathwing as if he were competing for the men’s 1000 meter.

Didn’t have to use Life Grip as much as I thought I would. But oh boy, No Mana Mattie was certainly living up to his name and reputation. Shadowfiends every tendon, two Mana Hymns, and assorted Spirit gear/trinkets to push every possible drop needed to buy players as much time in the world of the living.

We clocked in less overall attempts on Spine then we did on Zon’ozz. I actually thought we would’ve gotten more attempts, but then each attempt here is longer compared to that of Zon’ozz.

You guys see that bit about the guild mentorship program?

On the one hand, I’m a little disappointed that my organization doesn’t qualify. On the other hand, I wonder what’s being looked for and if I’d have the time to devote to it.  I’d love to have the chance to teach and mentor the next generation of WoW players and raiders. I didn’t really have anyone to go to myself when I was learning the game and working my way up the PvE ladder.

All the social “rules” and etiquette? Trial and error. I was a socially awkward panda back in the day (though, depending on who you ask, I still am).

If your guild qualifies, are you going to go for it? What would you teach the next generation of newbies that are leveling?

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  1. Grats on the Spine kill! (That last plate pop has got to be the source of more silent prayers than all the other fights combined, I swear).

  2. Cloverfields says:

    I’ve put my guild through to selection for the guild mentoring program after a few debates in guild over it.As its the summer down time and the raid roster is decidedly lacking the people we need for any further progression in our guild we thought this would be something great to take on as a guld for the same reasons u said above,the chance to mold new wow players into the future raid and pvp players of the next expansion and beyond is a chance we couldnt pass up 

  3. The reason your “organization” wasn’t qualified was probably because it took you a 25% nerf to kill spine…

  4. Congrats on getting down Spine. Really makes you appreciate your regen when you become constantly mana starved, doesn’t it? 

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