Some New Loot and Players You Don’t Want to Party With

Lurker was taken down in one attempt as was Tidewalker. I picked up a [item]Luminescent Rod of the Naaru[/item] which is an upgrade from the [item]Blue Diamond Witchwand[/item] that I had for a long time. Looks like I won’t be replacing these any time soon. Next items that will upgrade for me are T5 Legs from Fathomlord, his shoes, or the random craftable shoes that drop in TK and SSC.

I was digging around my screenshots folder today looking to clean stuff out. I had forgotten about these two gems. Just read the chat. Tell me I’m not the only person that’s ever happened to before.

And I swear I will finish this mammoth of a piece on how to raid heal. I’ve been examining my Blog stats and in particular what search terms people type when they find it:

how to be a good priest healer in world
how to be good holy priest wow
how to be a good priest warcraft
best holy priest raiding

So yeah, I can tell that there are some players out there who want guidance. And guidance I will provide! I don’t want to just type out what to do, I will show you what to do. Hopefully I can do it tomorrow. Only 3 classes and no raids…

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  1. Gratz on the wand Matt!! It is currenly the best wand in the game for you from what I have seen. Got to luv the 6mp5 🙂

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