Sisters Can be a Real Pain

We’re getting the fight consistently down to about 55% but it wasn’t until yesterday we had a breakthrough and started seeing attempts go into phase 3. A personal raid best of 28%? Seems good! What seems to be killing us the most are the Glaive Storms but just grinding it out and practicing it repeatedly has given most players the experience of seeing and reacting to it. On average, I think most players can survive getting one tick of it (or maybe two ticks if there’s a Spirit Link or a damage reduction ability going off). Still, players do get repeatedly picked off with the Throwing Glaive (the one that homes in on the player), and Phoenix Style often reports these guys as taking 2.5 million damage or more almost always resulting in an instagib.

If we had a consistent and stable roster, we’d be making further progress. Having a turnover of around 2-3 players a week (or at least, that’s what it feels like) means we’re constantly retraining players to get accustomed to the new abilities and our system which is just depressing. At the rate we’re going though, we should be able to knock this encounter out within the next week or two.

Healing comp

Our composition’s a little funky. Right now, we’re running with a Druid, a Monk, a Shaman, a Holy Priest (me), and a Holy Paladin. One of us can sit but lately we’ve been fielding 5 healers during Mythic. Our 6th healer on sisters usually results in an extra Paladin or an extra Priest (who’s Discipline). Pretty handy having that stability in the healing area.

Healing CDs

We don’t have much in defensive cooldowns outside of healing ones which makes me sad. Zero Warriors. One Demon Hunter. One Shadow Priest. So no extra help from outside the healing corps. We’ve nailed down when healing cooldowns ought to be used in the first and second phases, but the third phase is going to be a pain. It’s nice that we don’t have to stack up to maximize healing off the bubble, however we still need to remain somewhat in a line for the Incorporeal Shot to ensure it gets soaked. But we still need to adjust and get used to the Glaive Storm bouncing all over the place.

So close :(.

2 thoughts on “Sisters Can be a Real Pain”

  1. The targeted glaive sucks if someone with high stacks is chosen. Our hpal usually takes it upon himself to track the stacks and sac if needed. Sisters is otherwise still a pretty mechanically intensive fight, there’s no saving people if they want to stand in glaive storm or bomb the raid with astral purge. Of the front 5, Sisters easily holds the crown in my guild for most wipes on farm.

    p.s. can I interest you in some m+?

  2. Unless it’s changed very recently, or it’s different on different difficulties .. I’m assuming you know about being able to avoid the glaive storm if you hug the outside edge of the room? Obviously not helpful all of the time .. but it was useful for us to know 😉 (we’re not a mythic guild though, generally .. so some things that may work in heroic may well not work in mythic).


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