Short Term Guild Goals

I forgot how overwhelming and demanding being a GM in the opening weeks of an expansion can be. In Wrath, we were stockpiling all sorts of mats as we were leveling (Green items to DE, cloth, gems, ore, herbs, and so forth).

Managed to top out at 85 in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. Sadly, I lost my guild first 80 title to our raid leading warlock. I think time spent was about the same. He did it in 20 hours and it took me about 20-21 hours or so. I was fourth overall.

Now in addition to that, I need to factor in stuff like guild achievements and which one we can target as a guild that can best help us.

The list (In no particular order)

  • Gain access to the feasts
  • Power level our enchanters to a minimum of 500 so they can disenchant stuff in dungeons
  • Power level our tailors so they can start their cloth cooldowns
  • Level our engineers and blacksmiths for access to feasts and buckles

Weekend will be used to develop professions to a reasonable level as well as gearing as much as possible via dungeons and heroics.

On a side note, I’d love to have a few more tanks around to run 5 mans with. Our tanks are slowly getting there. More on this tomorrow about the the healer:tank:DPS ratio and how I’m planning on handling it. Any tanks looking for a guild to chill in?

If our players continue leveling and gearing at this pace now, I think we’ll be raid ready by monday night. Heroics are extremely brutal right now since everyone’s undergeared like crazy. I’m debating recording some heroic videos along with a narrative just to outline some basic strategies and principles.

I’ve noticed a number of 10 man and newer 25 man guilds have already folded during the opening days of the expansion. Being a GM in the opening weeks is some serious business. My attention’s not only focused on taking care of guild affairs overall, but I also need to work on my own character as well.

Oh podcast remarks, I’ve narrowed the list down. Going to record a few mock episodes at some point just to see how it goes. More on this later as well.

Also, whoever the quest designer was that decided that the first quest in Vashjir should be looting a single conch shell that can’t be looted by everyone at the time needs to be re-evaluated.

Anyway, how’s your initial experiences been so far? What’s on your guild list of short term priorities?

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