Shameless Abuse of Publicity

Shameless Abuse of Publicity

Wynthea wants YOU


My beloved guild is currently 2/6 Sunwell.  Although our guild is medium-sized, our raiding core is pretty small. In fact, we have no spares for any of our classes. This is becoming problematic as we work on our progression through Sunwell – vacations, changing class schedules, work promotions, etc… all seem to interfere with raid time. And frequently, if two people can’t make it we’re left without an optimal set up. It’s frustrating to bring in alts or undergeared casual members for progression nights.

So what, you ask?

Well… my fearless Raid leader asked me to help with recruiting. So here I am, recruiting with the best resource I have: You!!

Although some classes are spread more thinly than others, we are looking for strong, full-time players of every class. We figure we have a spot for at least one of each, in a regular rotation.

A little about my guild:

  • We are <Them>, of Nazjatar-PvP-US. We raid M-Th, 6-10 Pacific Time. (Sundays are flexible.)
  • We are 2/6 Sunwell, with Felmyst making excellent progress.
  • We are relatively hardcore, but certainly know how to have a good time.
  • We use a modified Loot council, with DKP for tie breakers.
  • Thrall is our homeboy.

A little about what we want:

  • Experienced T6 Raiders, preferably AT LEAST 4/5 Hyjal and 7/9 BT. (We’d really rather have Sunwell-experience, but obviously we’ll gear up and train anyone that shows good promise.)
  • We’re considering taking on all classes.
  • Anyone we DO take will NOT BE A BENCH SPOT.
  • We’re looking for upwards of 80% attendance.
  • Your gear, spec, and attitude should be the best that you can make it. We are NOT looking to simply carry anyone through and give out free epics without effort on your part.

How you should apply:

The guild website is here.  Simply post an application with the format provided in our forums. You get bonus points if you put “Wyn sent me!” at the top of your post. (But don’t put it in the title.)

If you’re a Priest, you get to interview with Yours Truly. Yay!


Okay, shameless plug over – thanks for bearing with me. I hope to speak with you soon!




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  1. PvP server?

    No transfer for me. =(

    I really hope someday they get rid of that rule. Maybe it’s just me.

  2. Galoheart says:

    Matt you have a pretty big Billboard for such things.

    Let’s see don’t have any teir gear and only play on PvE server. Man I’m not qualified to make the cut.

    Back to my little world.

    Galohearts last blog post..WotLK Beta: What Happened to the Cobalt Gear

  3. Galo: That’s Wyn’s guild. I’m a Dorf remember?

  4. This is to reply to Apoptygmaa’s apt observation:

    Why not have a little picture of your characters with your bylines, like Phaelia does for herself, Currant, and Valenna? I always like those, and it clues the reader right in.

    But at this point, I know who wrote what by writing style. Matt and Wyn have distinct voices 🙂

  5. Thanks for saying that, Syd. I was actually thinking earlier that Matt and I don’t write at all alike… But then I thought maybe I only notice because I’m thisclose to the situation….

    I think the confusion bothers Matt more than it does me – but it is something we’ll need to address before the 3rd blogger goes live.

    Although… I gotta say, that if a GIANT SCREENSHOT OF MY LOVELY TROLL SELF at the top doesn’t make the authorship clear… I dunno that a mini-avatar would do the trick. (But it would be cute, so Maybe that’s all that matters!)

  6. Apoptygmaa says:

    I think permitting PVE -> PVP transfers would be a terrible idea, and with all the watering down Blizz has done to the game, I’m glad to see a hard line on that, at least.

    Still, it is such a persistent request that I almost wonder if Blizz ought not to open a “be careful what you wish for” PVP realm where all the PVE transfers can go to. *grin*

    Good luck on the hunt!

    Apoptygmaas last blog post..Army Meets as the Drums of War Beat Steadily

  7. Apoptygmaa says:

    Twitter: “Even with a picture of a troll and a sig at the bottom saying “Love Wyn”, people *still* mistake me as writing the post. How can I fix this?”

    One thought? Go look at… they’ve done a great job ‘branding’ their various contributors which leaves little doubt as to the author. I’m not saying it’d be a perfect port here, but maybe something along those lines.

    Or maybe a different-coloured font for hers and yours.

    Apoptygmaas last blog post..Army Meets as the Drums of War Beat Steadily

  8. Wynthea: Good luck with the recruitment! I’d be almost tempted to put in an application myself, but I am firmly esconced in roleplaying servers. Besides, you’d get tired of my characters’ ways of speaking within a few weeks!

    Matticus: Apoptygmaa’s got it right. A while back Ego was looking for a way to distinguish posts from each of the authors there. It was getting difficult to determine who was writing what, irregardless of the author tag. For a while Ego was trying to update the image on the bottom right-hand side of the page, but that’s tedious and a bit overwhelming.

    I’ll make the same suggestion to you as I did to Ego:

    One of the most direct ways to recognize things is with an image. If you want, have each author create an avatar or little image that represents him/her. Change the layout so that the image appears near the top, probably on the left side (since we English-speakers tend to read left-to-right, top-to-bottom). You’ll probably want the code to say something like author-<?php the_author(); ?> (or nickname or any other tag you’re using to identify them). So, for example, if you had an image called avatar-matticus.png, that’s the image that would appear on each post by Matticus.

    Text can be easily skimmed over; a unique 80×80 pixel image can be easily recognized and give a lot of information! Every time someone posts their avatar will appear and boldly let readers know who wrote what.

    Ego noted in a follow-up post that this image didn’t appear in the feedreader, but since people need to come to the site anyways to comment it should help clear up some of that confusion.

    Cynras last blog post..Where in the World is Cynra?

  9. If this was my old forums this is when Matticus would type:

    “Can I join?”

    Graylos last blog post..Forum Signatures

  10. Good Luck in your search!

  11. Hi,
    You might want to explicitly clarify whether you’re alliance or horde. From “Thrall is our homeboy” I’m guessing Horde, but I’m actually unsure.
    Good luck!

  12. Yes, both my devotion to the Warchief and my Green Troll Skin stem from being Horde.

    Sindaga – STOP LAUGHING. No one likes it when you say “I told you so.”

    <3 !

  13. Wyn,
    Is your guild looking for resto druids? Your class needs on the forum says no. Is that correct?
    Brewnnor of Gorgonnash

  14. Yes, we are looking for all classes. We currently only have TWO resto druids in the entire guild – and although they happen to have excellent raid attendance, they would like to not HAVE to be at 100% of raids.

    The classes listed on the page are considered very high priority – but have not been updated since my conversation with my Raid Leader on Monday.

  15. Cynra, Apoptygmaa: Agreed. For the time being, Wyn and I will see if we can work out a better system for writing.

    Meanwhile, production on WoM 3.0 begins.


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