Saturday Afternoon Muses

I’m about to take off in a few minutes to get some creative work done but I wanted to share some things on what my upcoming projects are.

  • Looking for volunteer submissions of your UI! I want to round up 50 UIs and feature them on the blog. You’re welcome to participate!
  • Disc Priests, would you like to submit a brief tip for inexperienced Disc Priests that I can also show on the blog (such as myself)?
  • I scored B+s on my other 2 courses as the final grade. This brings my GPA up to a level where I can technically declare my major!
  • Work is finally starting on an E-Book. There’s a lot of guides out there for leveling and gold making. For us management types, there aren’t enough resources for players who are running a guild. This was largely inspired by Syd’s Build a Guild series and I’ll be expanding upon that with more insights. I’m also hoping to include snippets or profiles of other bloggers are players that are in guilds to give you “snapshots” of what their guild is like on the inside. I’m going to draw upon my experience, success and failures. Everything that you ever wanted to know about leading or running a guild, I’ll try to put in. If there’s anything you want to see included or questions answered, feel free to drop me a line. Most importantly, yes it will be free. No idea what to title it yet.
  • Drawing a blank for tomorrow’s Spiritual Guidance again. Sigh.
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  1. I Don't heal says:

    A thought for tomorrows Spiritual Guidance:

    What other classes should know about Priests.

    I’m finding a lot of confusion in my raid atm about which priests can do what, and what specs have what buttons. Hell, I’m guilty of it pretty frequently as a raidleader myself.

  2. Hi,

    I was wondering if you have any good tips/links on analysing the combat log (especially interpreting the output from things like WowWebStats, etc). I’ve got to a point where I really like to understand what exactly went wrong (or right), but am at a loss on how to actually do that.

  3. Jeroen: That sounds like a topic worth exploring! I’ll add that to my to do list!

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