Running a Sunwell Trash Farm Group

Running a Sunwell Trash Farm Group


Sometimes you just need to unplug for a while. Right now, I’m sitting outside Starbucks having one of their new Vivanno drinks (opt for the banana chocolate if you can). That will explain the lateness of this post. I know most of my other blogging colleagues don’t do this, but there’s a certain pleasure one takes from just writing on a pad with a pen. There’s no emails to answer, no forums to supervise, or items to enchant. It’s a relaxing environment without a care in the world.

Sunwell trash is the latest trend among many 70’s and is labelled as the thing to do in the summer holidays. School is out for most people or they’re on summer vacation. Guilds are getting bored of the same rut that is Black Temple, Hyjal, Serpentshrine, and Tempest Keep’s Eye.

Why do it?

The potential for epic drops doing Sunwell Trash is enormous. There is a lot of money to be had. I’ve heard of instances where individuals can make over  900 gold from 2 hours of trash work. More on this later.

A items of note in terms of epic trash loot that Priests might be interested in:

  • Ring of Harmonic Beauty
  • Wand of Cleansing Light
  • Pattern: Robe of Eternal Light
  • Pattern: Hands of Eternal Light

Sunmotes will also sell for a nice sum as they’re the new Heart of Darkness.

Setting the Guild Rules

As with any kind of 25 man pickup raid, loot rules must be established first. I participated in a Sunwell trash group yesterday and here’s an example of how loot was handled.

BoP items could be rolled upon by anyone
BoEs are generally auctioned off

  • Crimson Spinel x 3 (100 // 10)
  • Sunmote x 1 (500 // 10)
  • Schematic: Powerheal 9000 Lens (2500 // 250)

I’ve noticed selling gems in stacks tend to go slightly higher then they would individually. Try selling them in packs of 3 or so if you get a sizeable quantity of one type.

How it works

There is no hard instance resetting of any kind. It does involve plenty of running in and out, however. The first robot patroller gets demolished followed by the two set of Blood Elves guarding the gates. There is a Dragonhawk that must stay alive. It needs to be repeatedly chain sheeped. A Druid is typically tasked with sheeping sleeping the Dragonhawk for the duration of the entire pull. The Elves get taken down, then the party makes a run for the door with the Dragonhawk CC’d as long as possible. Seconds later, the Dragonhawk wakes up and will respawn a set of Blood Elves.

Rinse and repeat.

I cannot stress the value of CCing enough times. I’ve died around 9 times in an hour because Mages and Druids failed at controlling their mobs. If you are a Mage or a Druid, you don’t have to DPS. All you need to do is stand there and spam your CC button.

Potential Risks

The nature of a pickup raid runs the risk that you can potentially get screwed. Another Sunwell Trash run I participated in the other night ended disappointingly when the raid leader and loot master disappeared offline after the 2 hours were up. You can’t exactly file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. There’s always going to be a chance that you will get screwed over (A shame too, because the Pattern: Robe of Eternal Light dropped).

There are ways to minimize the risk.

Ask around in the raid. See if anyone has run with the raid leader before. Establish how the individual’s reputation is. While you can’t always be sure about the legitimacy and honor of other players, information goes a long way. The more you know the better informed a decision you can make. With any luck, you won’t experience the same ordeal that I went through.

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  1. “A Druid is typically tasked with sheeping the Dragonhawk for the duration of the entire pull”

    Sleeping sucka

  2. I heard tell of this last weekend and didn’t even know it was an option. I’m going to share your article with my guild to look at. Thank you for the write-up!

    Desdariis last blog post..Goldy Reports: Stormwind

  3. about the joy of pugging this sort of stuff (careful for your ears):

    Some girl rolled /need, got the pattern in a PuG, and is a holy priest. She has an alt mage she learned it on instead:

  4. Yup, that’s my server. ^ Thank god I’m Horde.

  5. Our guild, and some friends, have started farming Sunwell trash the past few weeks. We turn on ML so nothing can get “accidentally” ninja’d in the process. At the end of the night, or when one person has to leave, we /roll on items to split them up.

    The other night, in 45 minutes, we aquired 3x Sunmotes and 4 epic gems. I sold my Sunmote to someone on the server for 2150g plus 3 stacks of Terocone! 🙂

    Like you said, it changes the monotony of the current grind, and gives you something to do.

    Birkins last blog post..Mage Spell Hit Explained

  6. nice mebbe lala peed cuz grumma never had bread for her toasts??

  7. Hey Matt,

    I am a big fan of all that you do despite a rant in my blog about elite(est) blog hosts. (LOL) Somehow I missed this post and wanted to came back and comment on it.

    I run a very successful Sunwell Trash Run and I chronicle the loot drops on my website. I invite anyone to come check it out. If any of the visitors would like a list of all the macros I use to make the pulls and basically “automate” the process I would be happy to share those with anyone interested.

    Thanks again Matt for being all over everything!

    Crusards last blog post..Let’s Not Get Too Hasty…WoW Wasn’t Built in a Day!

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