Rez Me First!

….Or at least another Priest.

It could be a Soulstone, a Divine Intervention, a vanished Rogue with a pair of cables, or a clever Druid with a well-timed battle rez taken once the coast is clear. The idea is to save the raid the lengthy corpse-run, and to pick up and move on as quickly as possible.

Wipe Prevention – (n.) – \?w?p\ \pri-?ven(t)-sh?n\ – the concept of having at least one raiding member with the ability to Resurrect other members still alive after all other raiders are dead, and the boss or mobs have reset.

Because the entire purpose of wipe-prevention is time-efficiency, it has always frustrated me when the player charged with reviving the raid seems to have no concept of whom to rez first, second, or last. It gets worse when no one else in the raid seems to know what to do, either. After my guild’s last efforts in Sunwell, I decided to write a quick tutorial:

Always resurrect other rezzers first

This is the most crucial point, but even within this simple concept, it makes the most sense to pick some rezzers over others. Three classes have out of combat resurrection spells. Priests have Resurrection, which costs 60% of our base mana. Shamans have Ancestral Spirit which costs 72% of their base mana, and Paladins have Redemption which costs 64% of their base mana. It makes sense to pick up your Priests first, since they will be able to resurrect the most people without having to stop and drink. Remember that HEALER doesn’t necessarily mean REZZER. Druids can obviously not help here, but non-healing Priests, Shamans, and Paladins should. Don’t let them be lazy.

Personally, 60% of my base mana is 1,500. My Shammie brothers-in-arms’ rezzes cost as much as 3,000. I only have to drink to the point where I have 3,000 of my mana back and my regen will allow me to chain-cast rezzes without stopping until the whole raid is up. It makes more sense to pick me up than to pick up an ele shaman with only 250 mp5 and a 9k mana pool.

Resurrect raiders who need to do extra prep second

This means warlocks who need to summon healthstones and demons, Hunters who have to revive their pets, and buff-classes who will need to fill their mana in order to buff. (Mages, Druids)

Last are classes with little prep

Rogues who may need to apply poisons, non-buffing (usually feral) Druids, and Warriors.

Other speed-recovery pointers
  • Once their summoning duties are over, warlocks should drink to replenish their mana, rather than distracting the healers by life-tapping.
  • Group-Buffs should be done as soon as a given party is fully rezzed.
  • If one raider is doing the bulk of the rezzing, another member of their class should take over their buff-assignment (where possible), so they can drink and be ready to go with the rest of the raid.
  • All raiders who are NOT rez classes should eat their buff food and replenish their own mana as soon as they have been revived – this is not the time to take a bio-break or grab a snack.
  • One of the macros I posted in my UI series is my Rez macro. It casts rez, whispers the recipient, and plants a message in my guild’s healer channel to let them know my target. This avoids wasting time while two or three people try to rez the same target.

That can sound like a whole bunch of rules, but the underlying principle is very simple: Rez the people who can help get the rest of the raid up as quickly as possible first. Rez the people who need time to get ready second. Rez the people who need the least time last. You can save enough time this way to get in more attempts, avoid re-clearing trash, or keep a night of farm content from drawing out much longer than it should.


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  1. The clock is always ticking. The sooner the players are up, the sooner they get buffed, the sooner another attempt can happen. Post wipe is always one of the worse times because its when players start slacking off slightly. Discipline falters here.

  2. Gotta love when a rezzer gets picked up and they don’t help with the rest of the raid 🙂

  3. I’m glad you’re putting mages pretty high on the list. I’ve tried to promote earier rezzing of mages myself in a blog post.

    The only result I’ve seen from my little campaign so far was that some guildies for a while let me wait to last for rez just to tease me…

    Larísas last blog post..To move or not to move

  4. I think more people need to be made aware of the “hunters need a decently early rez” thing, I dunno, I mean obviously I’m not going to be rez’d first but it seems like I am almost always rez’d last or next to last and then everybody starts buffing and stuff before I’ve even had a chance to rez my pet. =( It just makes it harder on everybody else when I pester them to individually buff my pet because they started handing out the buffs when I wasn’t ready.

    Pikes last blog post..Fun with WoW Item Creator

  5. I completely agree, Pike. Hunters don’t seem to get the time they need to prepare – It’s a running joke with one of the ones in my guild that I’m ALWAYS the one that remembers to find him and pick him up.

    I was in a pug heroic the other day, and got back first from the wipe. While our hunter sat and drank, I rezz’d his pet. He was shocked; apparently that’s pretty uncommon. To me, he needed to drink, and I had full mana… it was the obvious thing to do to speed up the run.

    Where’s the Hunter love?

  6. Wait, we can rez pets? Thats news to me.

  7. One thing with warlocks, if you’re a Druid. When they get Rezzed, load them up with HoTs before you drink. It doesn’t take much but if they tap out the full mana, they’re that much quicker at getting themselves sorted. (And more likely to give you a personalized Healthstone when you miss out on the well :-p )

  8. IcE_IcE_N00b says

    I just rez whom I deem to be most deserving. I am just a big racist. =D But definitely, I hate rez’ing people and then they do no help rez as well. Lazy bastards.

  9. Dezdemone says

    I like using inner focus on my priest so that when I am rezzed I dont even have to drink. I just pop inner focus then rez the first person. Usually by the time the rez is off I’ve got enough mana to rez the next.

    Dezdemones last blog post..Rage Potions & 25 Man Bosses

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