It’s getting ever so closer. Until then, I get to enjoy this dee-licious chocolate cake all by myself!

For 9 gold! It was on sale.

Think I’ll go take the day off and get away. Knowing my luck, something completely cool and badass is going to happen and I won’t be able to report it until Saturday =(.

Kalecgos down to 11% and 16% respectively (both halves). Buckling and gradually losing bodies after the 5th portal set.

Anyway, back to this cake…

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  1. Happy Birthday, Matt!

    May the cake continue to ever be yummy, and may you… er… continue to provide us with lovely articles to read? xD

    Lin [EG]s last blog post..I am Perfectly Innocent… and Perfectly Distracted.

  2. Happy birthday to my favorite boss man!

  3. /hug





  4. Happy Birthday.

    And I read pretty regularly… did I miss something? Retirement?

    Starmans last blog post..I Can HAZ LEWTS?

  5. @Starman: Nah, you didin’t miss anytihng. Another year means another year closer to retirement =)

  6. LOL… God… you scared me there… just so you know… I don’t even think that way. And I KNOW I’m older than you :p

    Starmans last blog post..I Can HAZ LEWTS?

  7. Happy Birthday Matt

  8. Happy birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday! 🙂

    Softis last blog post..Every time I log off I cry a little inside.

  10. Matt’s OLD.

    =P Happy B-day, man.

    Trollins last blog post..A Winrar is RTZS

  11. as for my retirement, i plan to retire on an asian country and live a quiet and simple life.”;,

  12. as i approach my retirement age, i would like to save more to have a vacation-`-

  13. when i get a retirement, i would like to spend it on a tropical island with a very relaxing atmosphere,:;

  14. That is Amazing! Thanks a ton.

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