Red Rover, Red Rover…

Red Rover, Red Rover…


…We call that Shaman over.

Although seriously, who would win in a fight? A Kodo? Or a Bear? The Twitterati give the decision to the War Bears 4 – 2. Now the bears have the two horns (tusks?) on the side that would impale a Kodo from the side for sure. However, the Kodo has a large horn of its own. It would be a matter of who is able to outmaneuver the other first, I’d imagine.

@behemothdan War bear for sure. The kodo may have size but no offense that the bear can’t handle.

@Medros war bear

@fernashes war bear all the way.

@ipwn kodos are toougher. war beas are meaner. bears, but it’d be close

@Onawar brewfest kodo would win!

@Knurd Kodo. It’s more rare.

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