Reader Survey – How Can we Improve Our Blog?


Most of the time, when I ask for feedback, I usually have a chat with my fellow blog contributors on the staff. Occasionally, I’ll get some thoughts and opinions via the contact form.

But here’s where I made the fatal mistake. There’s one important person that I failed to consult.


You’re the readers. You’re the ones that subscribe. You’re the ones that re-tweet posts. You’re the ones that come back here everyday. So in an effort to continue making this blog useful and valuable, I’m opening up the post for your ideas on how we can improve.

Some questions to think about

  • What topics would you like to read more about? (Class discussion, strategy, guild management, raid management)
  • More posts or less? We’re publishing at a nice post-a-day rate.
  • Would you be interested in seeing healing videos from our perspective and how we handle certain fights?
  • What type of posts do you like? More questions answered from the mail? Case studies?
  • What frustrates you about the blog?
  • What keeps you reading World of Matticus?

Some ground rules

Don’t expect a direct response. I can’t promise that I’ll be able to touch base with everything that comes this way. However, I can guarantee that what you write will be read. Please be truthful, civil, and constructive.

With your support, it’s my hope that WoM continues to be a leading blog for healers and leaders to turn to.

Feel free to comment on the post publically or use the contact form privately.

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  1. There was a time when I came to rely on this blog as one of my top resources for strategy and healing ‘tricks’ for specific encounters. However I’ve seen a dynamic shift into talking about guild leadership and general healing comments (about items, or the way set bonuses work, etc). While these topics are fine, I would want to see two changes:

    – specific fight strategies. There are multiple bloggers on this site- I would LOVE to, say, see how each one’s guild does a hard encounter (for example, Thorim hard mode). Which classes do you send in the hallway? Where do you have healers stand during phase 2? How do you deal with increasing tank damage? Individual videos with multiple point of views could help with this.

    – a leaning away from general raid or guild leadership posts. They are informative, but they’re not the reason why I read this blog. (see point one)

  2. It would be really cool if you guys had a person writing pvp column. Someone with 2k+ arena experience at least, a gladiator preferred. Or if you can suggest any good priest/shammy healing pvp blogs, I’d appreciate it too.

    I also like answers to email questions, because sometimes I’ll read it and be like “oh yeah, I actually was wondering about that too, but forgot by now.”

    Also, agree with Ellyndia on guild leadership topic.

  3. That’s a sweet idea!
    I really love your blog and definitely think you should never post less 😀 Moar would be great ;D

    When it comes to topic I really enjoy your articles about priests in general, raid leading, raid discussions and so on.

    Simply keep up your great work! I believe it has a reason that you are such a popular blog 🙂
    .-= Nanuki´s last blog ..RL – WoW gender thoughts =-.

  4. I’m a reader of many blogs, as well as forums like PlusHeal and EJ. A lot of the technical things – like updates, theorycraft, strategies, and so on come naturally. Blogs written by smart people are going to touch on these aspects simply by nature.

    However, I always enjoy hearing specific experiences, and that is something that blogs, while seemingly well-suited to the role, tend not to address. Or, rather, I see blogs that are either a majority of “here is the theory/strat/general rule” or a majority of “today I ran a heroic.” Case studies seem to be such a good way to bridge the gap, but they don’t come up often enough.

    For example, I really liked the “How Conquest does Sarth3D” post. It had lots of context in it, and explained the analysis behind why you did what you did because of the context. But it also was good at expanding out to general rules. I saw a lot of “How to Sarth3D” posts, but I enjoyed the WoM version the most.

    I enjoy the guild leadership stuff, but I feel like a majority of posts lately have dealt with that topic. This is possibly because the game itself is kinda stagnating, and you all are looking for filler. Clearly the blog can only do so much with lackluster 3.2. Still, a lot of one topic bunched up into 3 weeks will definitely drag.

    • @Juzaba: “This is possibly because the game itself is kinda stagnating, and you all are looking for filler. Clearly the blog can only do so much with lackluster 3.2. Still, a lot of one topic bunched up into 3 weeks will definitely drag.”

      Yeah, that’s basically it. There’s this thing called the Curse of Knowledge. ( Basically, it’s difficult for me at times to write about healing because I’ve felt I’ve exhausted the topic. It’s hard for me to think like a beginner or novice priest. I take certain things for granted which isn’t always the case and I just blow over such ideas because I figure its already been mentioned somewhere.

      I do like writing the case studies a lot. I’ll make a point to get some more out in the future especially with difficult bosses.

  5. What about a ‘Analyze and Recommend’ post once a week or month?

    You make a call for requests, the users list their spec and gear via armory, their rotation, what content level they are currently doing (Heroics, 10s, 25s), and an issue they are having and would like to solve.

    You choose one entry and then analyze them and give tips on what they could do (gems, rotations, etc) to better themselves.

    This would be less for the folks looking for the ‘You have great gear’ pat on the back and more for the folks that are either starting to heal or are trying to move up in the healing game. It doesn’t have to be theory heavy like EJ, but just your thoughts as high level healers.


  6. I’d just want a better content navigation system, so I can actually find content. An index, for example, which I have on my site (having only 150 posts it works fine); for a site the size of WoM you’d need something a little more complex than mine.

    At the moment, if I navigate ‘loot distribution’ I get the typical multi-post display from wordpress which is a fairly weak way to find information.

    If I just want to read stuff, the multi-post works fine.

    Your ‘archives’ page is by date, so I can use it for a text-based search, but there’s no categorisation in there if I want to browse titles.

    I really do like the site, so as you requested, it’s frank feedback, to help me get more out of it.

  7. Personally, I have to agree with the first commenter, tactics/tips/opinions on specific fights from various perspective would be really helpful, especially if you guys filled out the Ulduar healing guides a bit more, I went to look at it after signing up for my first Ulduar raid and hardly any of the bosses have strategies attached to them. Apart from that, it’s all looking good from my perspective!
    Keep up the good work.

  8. I read the blog because Lodur is smexy. Also, because I used to play a healer (badly) and I like to keep tabs on the peeps who keep my butt alive when I’m chillin in a fire.

    From my perspective, I actually enjoy your non-healing stuff the most (as a hunter)- I find the guild leadership stuff really enjoyable.

    If you wanted to add something, you might do well to take the advice of Mesh and get a PvP healer to write some content.
    .-= EuripidesOutDPS´s last blog ..Do You Auction in Stormwind? =-.

  9. I’m not a healer (I’m dps – a mage), but I still enjoy reading your blog. I appreciate reading any posts that give a perspective of what can we do to make it easier on our healers, who we always appreciate. 🙂
    .-= nevis´s last blog ..My pugs are lushes. =-.

  10. Drag Sydera back from Aion (or wherever she’s hiding).

    .-= Keeva´s last blog ..Tauren trees & aggro – are we getting the short end of the uh.. stick? =-.

  11. Most of the same things I wanted to mention have already been said by Ellyndia, Juzaba, and Gravity. More healing strategy/guides, more case studies, and a better searching tool/indexing. I do mostly 10 man raiding, though I understand that all of the bloggers here do 25 man raiding, I wouldn’t mind reading more guides/input on healing 10man raids.

    This is also the best place for me to go to understand the other healers I raid with. I often look back at posts about using healing meters and how to heal well with other classes. I have to admit though I am missing Sydera quite a bit. I would like to see a bit more input from a Druid’s perspective on raid healing.

  12. I started reading this blog back in BC. I had levelled up a holy priest and was gearing up to do Karazhan having never set foot in a raid before. It was an immensely helpful blog and between WoM and Ego I learnt most things I needed to know as a novice priest. My perception of the site back then was of somewhere to go to find useful tips/strategies/information distilled down into an easy to understand format without too much scary math.

    My perception of the site these days is that it feels light on the information and heavy on opinion and going over news items. I will admit that I often skim through posts from this site these days because of that. (Pet peeve number 1: ending most posts with “So what do YOU think of X, Y, Z?” Winds me up something horrific, because it feels like a formula from a “how to write a good blog entry and involve the readers” course. Just my personal opinion though, I don’t expect to see that one repeated by many others… 😉 )

    The move to invite other writers on to the blog was good, it gave a good breadth of input and being a GM myself I always enjoy reading about guild and raid leading. In the start it felt like a natural extension of the blog as the posts on these topics were of the same high informational quality as the healing posts.

    I definitely would like to see a return to more information-heavy posts or very focussed posts. Like has been mentioned I’d love to hear how a specific writer does something whether it be a strategy for healing Sarth 3D, the 10 best times to pop Divine Hymn or why you should never raid without the BigBrother addon installed. I want to hear specific, personal input from the writer on what they do and why. If I just want a dispassionate, objective overview of something there are plenty of places for me to go – but I am interested in hearing what YOU, the writers at WoM, do or think about things. Sometimes it feels like it is almost a bit too polished and I can’t see the person behind because of the gleaming. 🙂

    Personally, I would rather have less frequent posts that were all more ‘heavy’ than posts every day that are more light-weight.

    The point about indexing/searching was a good one – there is a lot of good information hidden away on the site, but if it is older it can be tricky to find.

    An idea that you may want to look into would be complete beginner’s guides to healing as different classes – I tried to find some awhile back for a guildie and there’s precious little out there that is still up to date. Also, I always thought it was a real shame that the healing guides for the different instances never got completed.

    All in all though – good job for keeping this site up and going strong for so long! 🙂

  13. I want some more posts from Sydera 😀
    She helped me make my initial push into tree, and now that’s my main toon with some chart topping heals.

  14. You can’t improve on perfection 🙂
    .-= We Fly Spitfires´s last blog ..Have You Ever Bought Gold? =-.

  15. +1 for more PVP discussion – I’m really struggling on my disc priest in arenas!

  16. Id love to see more guest columns, maybe incorporate all of the healing classes, maybe more interaction around theroycrafting or fresh ideas around the newbie healer…(why you do this for this, why this Gem might be better than this gem ect) I know this is all info that can be found on EJ and other blogs ive gotta say that with the loss of some of the great wow blogs as of late it would be nice to streamline some of the information process.. ill agree with Tufva, ive been skimming posts lately because it seems like beating a dead horse with he leadership posts. If thats really someones bag, give them a section all for it.
    .-= Wabisabi´s last blog ..inoverherhead: @johncmayer its better that your not fraught with scandal, somehow for me it makes the things you sing about more powerful more relate able. =-.

  17. Ardent Defender says:

    I think most the feedback for suggestions have somewhat being covered by the previous commenters already. Matt I’m not a healer and don’t play a healer but I’ve been reading your blog since way back in tBC when it was actually a small little blog mostly about healing. I read it back then even though I really didn’t care that much about healing specifically.

    What I most enjoy was what you took the time to write about and in that I did learn something new or from a different point of view. It’s hard to know or keep up with everything in this game. Your point of view in a well written blog was what I enjoyed and why I’m still a reader all this time and I still don’t play a healer. But many your commenters are right as well in some regard as maybe a bit more focus or some emphasis on healing, tactics and stratergies as well your experience and approach to and of that. Personal view and experience is always helpful. Though not a healer myself I can still learn something because often the class I love to play is on the recieving end of your heals or any other healer.

    I like reading off topic stuff that you put effort into writing. In a game this big there is room to write about other things of interest to you that you may care to write about at times inbetween what you focus on writing about most. The guild management and leadership stuff I do enjoy or added perspective. I happen to be a guild leader as well so it has even more value and that’s ok. I’ll read whatever if I find it interesting to read or ponder.

    But I guess what many of your readers seem to want is for Matts blog to return to the roots of healing oriented info on the art of healing, tactics, stratergies and approach to various encounter healing tactics that they are likely to encounter as well.

    Whatever you end up writing I’ll still be reading it if it’s interesting.
    .-= Ardent Defender´s last blog ..WoW Blogosphere Drama In Play =-.

  18. There are three main things that keep me reading:

    – Very specific and detailed boss / tactics ideas – Sarth 3D was mentioned by another poster and I totally agreed with that assessment. The more ‘general’ stuff is fairly easy to source elsewhere, and to be honest, you guys aren’t usually the first to the plate with them.

    – The guild leadership stuff. It’s always interesting hearing how another guild leader thinks and acts around the kinds of situations that face us day to day.

    – Healing tricks and tips, and the big guide posts for gearing etc. They generally tend to be clear and well written, and I find I can link them back to my healing team without worrying about it being bad advice or going over their heads!
    .-= Fayre´s last blog ..Friday the Thirteenth =-.

  19. First thing….please, PLEASE lock the aspect ratio before you all add your pictures. Most of the time the pictures are fine, but then there’s that one that sneaks in and looks terrible because the picture is out of proportion. It’s a pet peeve of mine.

    I’d like to see Wyn and Sydera posting more. I’d also like to see you post more too Matt. I enjoy your writing styles and that’s why I continue to read your blog. I dislike Lodur’s writing style so I largely skip over his posts unless something about the topic grabs my attention but that happens rarely.

    I agree with those who want to see more posts about how your various guilds do things. I personally enjoy the posts about guild leadership and what’s going on with Conquest.

    It’s clear that you have a set schedule for posting, but I’d rather see fewer posts that each of you WANT to write, than posts that are forced. It’s plain to see when a post was written just to get something out there to meet a schedule.

  20. I’ve noticed lately that things have slowed down here, it seems..? But as someone already mentioned, this is probably a product of a lack of content.

    I’ve been very busy IRL but also the slow-down in content makes it hard to provide a lot of blog “meat”, I think.

    I figure things will pick up again with 3.3 – but probably just consider some backups for slow times, so that it doesn’t seem to be a string of leadership posts.

    PvP is always a hot topic and there never seem to be enough blogs to keep everyone happy.

    Perhaps some “back to basics” how-tos, not so much on current content, but grass roots stuff for each class, or healing in general. I completely understand what you mean about glossing over the basics because you forget you were new once, and it’s hard to think like a newbie. I *constantly* find myself skipping details because I assume everyone has been around for 5 years and they know this stuff. I think it’s something that we all have to be conscious of, particularly if our blogs are aimed at healers of every skill/experience level.

    If your blog is simply aimed at cutting-edge raiders, you never have to worry about explaining things to newbies – but if you want your blog to encompass all levels, then it’s definitely something to be conscious of, I think.

    TLDR: I’ve noticed things slowing down, maybe you need some “plan B” topics for when content is sparse and you’re waiting for the next lot of How-Tos. Something that a lot of us are guilty of.

    .-= Keeva´s last blog ..Tauren trees & aggro – are we getting the short end of the uh.. stick? =-.

    • @Keeva: Usually for me personally, ideas are never in short supply. It’s also time. People seem to sometimes forget that I’m also a University student and that I wrestle with midterms and papers. The comments have opened up a whole new realm of stuff to write about and things I haven’t done in a while. So I’m definitely taking notes here. Plan B topics are also difficult to plan in advance for. We never know when we’re going to hit a “lull”. Some times we can’t get our ideas down fast enough, other days its a bit of a struggle.

  21. (Sorry for not reading the other comments. I had no time.)

    1. I’d like to see more about class discussion. I am at a point, where i do less raidmanagement, but want to play my class more perfect. So there would be discussions about specs (maybe with a bunch of people) a good article. It comes in my mind, that there havent been some articles about “how to heal better as a priest” for some time now.

    2. I’d like to have categories for the articles, what its about. I want to come to your list overview and want to know if an article is about shaman heal oder about tactics or about guild management.

    Thanks so far.
    .-= jedimax´s last blog ..jedimax: Neues Urlaubsziel. Gerade das Tourismus-Video gesehen: =-.

  22. What type of posts do you like?
    * Topics I love: Theorycrafting, detailed spell discussions, micro management of abilities and encounter specific strengths & weaknesses of my class.
    * Topics I read occasionally: guild discussions, social aspects if related to the above.
    * Topics I tend to skip: Leadership specific topics not related to any of the above, too detailed topics about other classes.

    * More posts or less? I try to read all topics I like. If there’s more, I’ll read more. If there’s less, I’ll read less 🙂

    * Would you be interested in seeing healing videos from our perspective and how we handle certain fights? Yes, bossfights from healer’s perspective are more interesting for my own gameplay. I also like to see other healers in action. This shouldn’t be restricted to boss tactics imo

    * More questions answered from the mail? Depends entirely on the topic of the question, see above.

    * What frustrates you about the blog? Can’t think of any frustration in a technical/structural sense. I sometimes crave for more numbers or theory support on some topics. But numbers quickly become ‘eyepatches’ giving narrow minded conclusions rather than a broad view. I don’t think that fits the philosophy of the blog. Still… I would love more theorywork.

    * What keeps you reading World of Matticus? Sufficient posts about topics that interest me and the quality of the posts I’ve read is commendable. Sometimes I just wait for a twitter message and will chose to check the post or not solely depending on the title.

    I don’t think my view is any surprise 😉 I’m not sure if my opinion is in line with the large audience of WoM though. TBH, WoM is ‘fine as is’ in my book. I’ll keep checking it… though I’ll keep filtering the topics and pick out those that interest me.

  23. the first poster hit a biggie on the dot.

    man. it was out there, but you guys did that 3d sarth one really nicely.

    more healy less guild shit that we all hate to deal with anyway material.

    some strat discussion, *something you wont find on bosskillers* and more about what works for different people and different setups of healers tanks cc’s whatnot would be cool.

  24. I’m going to double post. sorry =(

    I read kungen and mek’s blogs on ensida *(as well as pop’s)

    my favorite by far is kungen’s. and its not because i’m a fanboy *actually loath them at times… heheh *

    but because he shares the experiences really well. now I understand that people wont want to read about how conquests first trash pulls went, but… he fills it a bit with shit that did work for them, besides the attitude and elitist flare he puts off. but the little shit, the day to day shit, the shit that may just have happened to you. a little humor, and some insight on what worked.

    I dont know how that would work here for you, its a different sort of site, but its one of the things that I enjoy about time spent reading his.

  25. Maybe find a willing pvp writer? I’d love to here an arena priests stories… or even some pvp videos….

  26. As a Holy Paladin, this is one of my favorite blogs to read. I read a couple other Paladin-specific blogs, but I read this blog more for general healing news, tips and tricks and how it relates to current content and raids. I really do enjoy that you are able to stay away from doing too much PvP content, because it seems that some healing blogs end up getting bogged down in weeks of discussing different PvP, Battleground, and Arena topics.

    I would love to see more specific breakdowns on boss fights. How you go after a certain boss fight, what your raid composition is, where you are having people stand and who is healing who. In addition, it’s always helpful to understand why you have selected to do things a certain way. I would prefer if this did focus on the healing aspects of the fight, maybe even with a small section in the post for each healing class.

    An example of this would be, breakdown the heroic Twin Val’kyrs fight. Let us know how your guild has decided how to take on this fight. How many healers are you bringing with, what types, and where are you placing them in relation to the rest of the raid. Now, what are the healers doing during the fight. Who is covering whom during the fight. In addition to this, have a section to describe anything specific a Holy Paladin needs to watch for in this fight. When should a Holy Paladin use their Divine Shield & Divine Sacrifice? Should the Holy Paladin make use of their aura mastery during this fight. Is there any specific part of the fight that the Holy Paladin needs to be especially careful for? Maybe a paragraph or two. Then have one for Holy/Disc Priest. One for Resto Shaman. And one for Resto Druid. It wouldn’t have to be a 3-page report on every single step that the healer is taking during the fight. But it would be nice to include some class-specific information that you would need to be aware of during the fight.

    I’ve found that I read just about every post that you folks put out, and I love them all. There are the occasional post that I’m not wild about, when you may tend to focus on one topic too much in too short a period of time. But that is very rare, and I don’t find that it makes me reluctant to visit this fantastic blog. I’m hoping you could also maybe come out with some videos of fights from a healing prespective. If you look on YouTube, you will find that almost all the videos are from a tanking standpoint. That really doesn’t help much, because he just stands in front of the boss all fight so you don’t really get an idea of where to move, what to watch out for. In addition, if the video could include some strategy tips and abilities to be aware of, I think it would be one of the few things this blog could improve.

    I hope this information helps, and I really enjoy this blog so please keep up the great work!

  27. A lot of things have been said, but here’s my pet peeve:

    I’m very interested in the blogs good bloggers read. Time and again it proves that this way I find out about other good blogs with similar subjects.

    A lot of the blogs in recommended blogs are dead and not updated:
    Banana Shoulders: not updated
    Binary Colors Same
    The Eogtistical Priest: Final Goodybe
    Green Text on Black: Last post over amonth ago.
    Tooth nail and Lua: Temporarily no updates.

    • @Orcstar: I feel ya on that one. I explore links that other bloggers link too. I intentionally put a cap on the amount of sites I link to. THere’s usually a time limit of sites on my blog roll that if they’re not updated within a certain amount of weeks, I’ll remove it and put something else in there instead. It’s about time the links get reviewed. Thanks for your suggestion and reminder!

  28. I enjoy all of the articles honestly, but probably encounter strategies the least because they are normally related to 25-man versions when I run a 10-man guild.

    Your current pace is fine. Don’t push yourself too hard if you can’t make a day to day post. Just don’t get out of the habit so you may come back less and less.

    Videos would be awesome!

    I enjoy posts relating to guild leading and discussion of raiding in general such as your thoughts on encounters, what you think works, what doesn’t.

    Nothing frustrates me, but as mentioned before I like more information relating to 10-man content.

    What keeps me coming back? All of your posts sound intellectual and you all come off that you know what you’re doing.
    .-= Miko´s last blog ..NDMiko: @bobbyllew Pffft. Don’t stop. There is no rule against making Twitter a blog. =-.

  29. Generally speaking for our Guild on how we do strategies is this

    I steal them from top guilds and adapt them for our guild. We then see if it was successful and if it wasn’t we change it up via suggestions in our forums

    But I suppose we could divulge a HOW TO HEROIC FACTION CHAMPS from our point of view

  30. 1.What topics would you like to read more about?

    I am most interested in Gaming and Society and people/psychology posts in general. They are pretty universal concepts that I feel that almost any reader can relate to and benefit from reading.

    2. More posts or less? We’re publishing at a nice post-a-day rate.

    Your current post rate is great :]

    3. Would you be interested in seeing healing videos from our perspective and how we handle certain fights?


    4. What type of posts do you like?

    Hmm, case studies sound interesting. One of my favorite posts to date is the one about female gamer stereotypes. I frequently link to it when a related topic surfaces in chat/discussion. I suppose I like posts that are written from a viewpoint, rather than just a very technical listing of strategy. Linking in with question 1, I like Gaming and Society posts.

    5. What frustrates you about the blog?

    There are some posts that I skim over at best, because it doesn’t apply to me.

    6. What keeps you reading World of Matticus?

    Well thought-out posts, interesting and mostly relevant content. It’s refreshing to read the viewpoint of healers, being DPS myself.

  31. Nekkid Matt pictures.

    Besides that (though that’s hard to top)…
    * What topics would you like to read more about?
    I like to read about guilds, your experiences, and especially well-formed opinions on current gaming philosophy.
    * More posts or less? We’re publishing at a nice post-a-day rate.
    Posts seem fine to me and my “reading schedule”
    * Would you be interested in seeing healing videos from our perspective and how we handle certain fights?
    That would be interesting.
    * What type of posts do you like? More questions answered from the mail? Case studies?
    See #1. I like opinion posts, and I do enjoy a good mail call.
    * What frustrates you about the blog?
    The almost “overcrowdedness” of it. It seems like every blogger has almost -too much- of a different agenda from the rest of the writers. Somedays it feels like linking to a bunch of blog’s, rather than posts for just one. I guess what I’m getting at is I like more cohesiveness and a common idea/goal between writers.
    * What keeps you reading World of Matticus?
    You <3. Oh, and I don't play anymore, but I do like that I can come to one place and keep up with important priest info and relevant game stuff. I find it interesting still, even if I don't read a lot of the articles.

  32. Playing a non-healer class I’m somewhat of an odd bird in this company. Probably my opinions aren’t all that interesting, but since I’m a longtime loyal reader I guess it means something.

    I read Matticus for the general, opinion posts and for your personal sharing of your successes and frustrations as a guild leader. It’s interesting to follow the ups and downs of Conquest. I’m completeley uninterested in strategy guides for certain bosses. There are so many other sources for strategy, it’s a kind of content that I could as well look up at websites. I prefer posts that are commenting rather than informing if you get the difference.

    I would like to see much much more of Sydera. She’s a brilliant writer. Her post about female stereotypes was one of the best I’ve read. Spank her, bribe her, do whatever you can to make her more active.
    .-= Larísa´s last blog ..How limited attempts risk to make raiding more dull =-.

  33. There’s usually a couple of hot debates every week on the forums. There’s a good start point as to what your readers are interested in at any given time.

    This last weeks I can remember a couple of topics on the priest sub-forums: Hybrid or non cookie cutter specs, Disc and holy dual specs, how to make a compatible gear set?, Gearing for mana or throughput? How haste affects your healing, etc.

  34. Your guys are all awesome. Obviously. 🙂
    But sometimes I dont know if its a WoW blog, a MMO healing blog, or an opportunity for you guys to plug your various other projects…
    A lot of the time it’s interesting, knowing more about who’s blogging and what you’re up to, WoW-wise or otherwise, is rarely not cool.
    The post rate is very cool also, I always look forward to seeing a WoM mail in my inbox, its just sometimes I’m a bit like ‘This isnt really a WoM post..’.
    Maybe i’m being too critical, I find the vast majority of your content interesting and relevant, especially from a healing perspective.
    Yes to your views on boss tactics by the way 🙂
    Keep up the good work, just remember how you come across is always going to be different in-game than through an email 🙂

  35. More Druid stuff, please! Syd seems to be AFK as of late and it’s sad to me to never see any new posts related to our leafy goodness. There is a pretty powerful force of resto druid blogger’s out there. Amp up the Druid posts and it might be this blog we’re linking to next! 🙂
    .-= Sound´s last blog ..Six months of Doom, six months of Sound. =-.

  36. I also agree with the first poster; I read WoW blogs in order to further my knowlege of a tacitcs/strategies/theorycrafting. While guild leadership is important to some, I feel there has been a greater presence of those types of posts lately and not nearly as much ‘here’s how I heal X encounter’.

    I lurk on almost specifically healing blogs for guidance from all the healing classes. Lately (the last 3 months or so) I have felt that WoM has lacked in this sort of guidance. My main is a shammy healer and I find it difficult to find quality posts on shammy-specific strategies and guidance for those of us looking to brush up on our uber healing reputation. More Lodur please! 🙂

    As far as suggestions for additional columns, I feel that WoM has become tailored more towards people who have been around a long time. Which is great, I love that too as a person who’s been around for a few years at least. But it seems there’s always too few healers, and too few competant healers as well. Perhaps a column around addressing people who are new to healing or want to roll a new healer. There are so many ‘tricks’ to healing different kinds of tanks and instances. How about some ‘how to heal classic dungeons’ for the newbies in our glorious ranks? Help inspire new healers too.

  37. Well, I love the guild leadership posts–especially the ones that deal with a conflict situation and how it is managed. I read the healing columns for tips although I am not such an avid raider that I need specific fight tips. Plus I could get those elsewhere.

  38. Start a dps column!

  39. Frankly, I’d like more posts like this one. We give you comments, questions, concerns. You give us your feedback. I’ve been reading your posts for over a year now. I keep coming back because your blog is insightful, amusing and makes me think about all sides of a situation. This is especially true of your guild topics. A great job is done at being well-rounded, viewing all sides of the story, and keeping it entertaining. Here’s a topic for ya (if it wasn’t already done): Why does our guild have 500 members yet we can barely fish out 25 to raid?

    As mentioned above, I would also like more narrated video’s from a healing perspective. Is there a better place to stand? Do I have to be healing on the go? What kind of spells are you casting and why for each encounter? Who are you healing? Reading it is one thing. Seeing it is completely different. It would help all us “visual” learners stop rolling our faces over our keyboards because we just don’t get it!

    Keep the greatness flowing!

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