Raiding is Hardly Hardcore

I want to direct your attention to a post made by Galo, at Ardent Defender. The post is an example of the casual guild experience when they raid. In the last paragraph, he poses a question:

Am I hardcore?

It all depends on the measuring stick that is being used. But in this case, Galo, no you’re not. Here’s a pattern that I’ve discovered when I’ve raided with "casual players".

  • Ten minutes to buff
  • Not listening or following instructions in raids
  • Frequent AFK breaks
  • Ridiculously late start times (an hour after a scheduled raid begins?)

Behavior like that is just unacceptable to me. It proves to me that a player is lazy and unmotivated. No real raider wants to raid with players like that. They give "casual" gamers a bad name since that’s what they’re frequently classified under.

Here is my other question. Why are players who do the exact opposite of what I’ve listed above considered hardcore?

Namely things like:

  • A quick 30 minute buff after a player dies
  • Staying quiet and doing as the raid leader says
  • AFKing only when necessary and only on trash
  • Showing up on time

That’s not hardcore. That’s showing that you’re willing to work for your gear. Galo has no problem getting gear since he does heroics regularly with relative ease.

My advice

Join that Guild, Galo. They sound like the kind of players you will get along with and progress with. Sure you might not be able to make all their times, but the runs you can get in on them with deliver a huge thrill for you. It sounds like you actually want to go somewhere. I’ve had to make the tough choice of parting ways with some friends a long time ago to play in my guild now. But we’re on the same server and we still chat and I still play with them every now and again. Just because you change guilds doesn’t mean you change friends.

I guess one would say I’m a zentastic player.

But throw away those old stereotypes of raiding. Don’t be a casual raider. Don’t be a hardcore raider. Just be a raider.

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