PvE to PvP? Bring ’em on!

No doubt you’re aware of Blizzard’s can opening, jaw dropping, eye popping PvE to PvP transfer availability announcement.

What did my blogleagues think of it?

Personally, I’m rather stoked. I’ve leveled mostly on PvP servers my entire life. It’ll be refreshing to have some new victims players around.

So come on my PvP friends! Let’s give our PvE transferees the welcome that they so wonderfully deserve!

10 thoughts on “PvE to PvP? Bring ’em on!”

  1. I’m PVE and intend to stay that way. I don’t have the temperament for PVP. (I literally did AV over ~10 levels to get enough honor for my trinket, just in case I ever saw Archi. I’ve not been into a BG since!)

  2. Really, how much world PvP really goes on on PvP servers? My main is on a PvE one but I’m levelling a new rogue on a PvP server and in 35 levels I’ve been played with once by what I assume was a level 70 Mage in Tarren Mills: he sheeped me twice and then killed me with a frostbolt. But that’s all for “ganking” and as for the rest, had two encounter with more or less same level characters that could have gone either way.

    Azandes last blog post..Addon Highlight – Hemlock

  3. @Azande: Believe me. Most 70s will not generally go out of their way to a lower level zone and just gank people for the heck of it unless they’re really bored or traveling through the area.

    Now doing Sunwell Island dailies might be a bit of a challenge depending which faction happens to be the dominant one at the time.

  4. I view it as yet another subtle thing Blizz is doing to try to make keeping your guild alive through end-game a little easier.

    Removing attunements to T6? GREAT! Now I don’t have to run ssc/tk every 3 weeks to get my 2 new recruits keyed so they can xfer later. Also, I can bring alts.

    NOW you’re telling me I can recruit raiders from PvE content??? OH HAPPY DAY!!


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