PTRs are up, going in today

Looks like the new PTR’s are up. I’m not going to bother much with Priest or Shaman changes and such. I’m going to assemble a raid team later on and head into Zul’Aman as soon as possible. It seems as if Griftah’s centered around some sort of attunement quest. I’ll write more tomorrow.

Ryan’s back from his two month ranting hiatus. Normally, I detail posts related to healers. I’ve got two gear lists for Restoration Shamans and Holy Priests. I’m going to put up a gear list for Hunters when I get home. I’m sitting in lecture learning about ampersands, CSS, and XHTML. I honestly don’t know why I’m here.

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  1. Doc Holiday says:

    Id love to come tonight but I got this nice big booty chick to see later on


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