PSA: On the Business End of a Battle Res

PSA: On the Business End of a Battle Res

Priestly service announcement.

If you are on the receiving end of a battle res, can you do all of us healers a favor?

Give us a 2 second warning when you take it

Especially true if it’s on an encounter like Ultraxtion where the damage is just pulsing and non-stop. Give us a buffer to target you and spam spells on you so that when you do take the res, one of our spells will stick and bring you out of non-lethal range. It lets the Discipline Priests shield you, it lets the Paladins Holy Shock you, it allows Druids and Shamans to Nature’s Swiftness + some heal you, and Holy Priests can Surge of Light proc + Flash Heal you.

Any other healers irritated by this? In an age where we have a finite number of Rebirths and stuff available, we need to make sure we don’t waste that stuff unnecessarily.

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  1. HAHA! It always shocks me when someone doesn’t do that.

  2. It would also be nice if the brezzed person took a second to check if there’s a big, potentially lethal mechanic about to go off before they take it, and if there is to maybe wait until it’s OVER before hitting accept. Also to check that they aren’t going to pop up in the middle of a fail patch on the ground. My brez brings you back at full health. Please don’t waste that health by popping up in fire. *sigh*

  3. Even more true if you have to take a DK battle rez! We have no way to glyph and make you come back at full health!

  4. You don’t know how many times that has annoyed me over my entire raiding carreer. Also, when accepting BR on Ultraxxion, there’s a small gap before Hour of Twilight where there are no damage pulses, so it’s safe to use it there. I would only advise waiting a little though, since you’ll need all the dps you need.

    And having your druids glyph BR helps a lot as well

  5. ProTip +1 🙂

  6. We have a guild rule that someone who receives BR cannot take it until the raid leader or one of the healers tells them to over vent. It works perfectly allowing a healer (or healers) to have a quick/instant heal ready to drop on the person.

    We do stipulate that if they receive a BR from a Druid, they can take it immediately as they will have 100% HP. BRs from Warlock or DK though require clearance before accepting.

  7. You just need to stack druids. Insta-full hp!

  8. Poppin’ in again in who-knows-how-long to comment on this.

    As a resto druid in a now-10-man raiding group, BR’ing is usually a toss-and-forget type of thing for us. But every so often, someone’ll take that BR in an insta-gib zone when I tell them not to take it yet. Same thing has happened on the off-chance our DK tank BRs them. Both situations tend to elicit a facepalm from me.

    I feel your pain, Matt.


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