PSA: On the Business End of a Battle Res

PSA: On the Business End of a Battle Res

Priestly service announcement.

If you are on the receiving end of a battle res, can you do all of us healers a favor?

Give us a 2 second warning when you take it

Especially true if it’s on an encounter like Ultraxtion where the damage is just pulsing and non-stop. Give us a buffer to target you and spam spells on you so that when you do take the res, one of our spells will stick and bring you out of non-lethal range. It lets the Discipline Priests shield you, it lets the Paladins Holy Shock you, it allows Druids and Shamans to Nature’s Swiftness + some heal you, and Holy Priests can Surge of Light proc + Flash Heal you.

Any other healers irritated by this? In an age where we have a finite number of Rebirths and stuff available, we need to make sure we don’t waste that stuff unnecessarily.

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