6 Principles of a Successful Raiding Guild: A Teaser

6 Principles of a Successful Raiding Guild: A Teaser

There’s a contest being held by Slideshare that I fully intend on entering.

I’ve been working on this for a while anyway so I figured I might as well go ahead and enter it once I finish. Here’s a few teaser slides that I’ve had so far. I think one can easily get the gist of the main story I’m trying to tell.

Why a presentation format?

I’m always interested in exploring new ways to share ideas and concepts. Other bloggers have released action videos, some decide to do podcasts, and I wanted to try something that hasn’t really been done before.

Second, I’m a student. As a student, you’re exposed to presentations on a daily basis. Eventually, you have to stand up and give your own. Some of the lectures and presentations given by my fellow student and teachers are jammed full of text. This is my way of learning how to use Keynote without putting a grade on the line.

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