Priest Tips

For Holy and Discipline Priests. Beginners and Advanced players.

Priest tips

Priests are considered one of the front line healers in World of Warcraft. They’re easy to learn but truly excelling at the class can take a tremendous amount of time and work. A priest in the hands of a skilled player can turn 2% wipes into clutch kills.

  1. Leveling Holy and Discipline Specs
  2. Quick Priest Gear for both Holy and Discipline at 85
  3. Inner Fire vs Inner Will
  4. Healers Spill: White Lies we Tell Tanks all the Time
  5. Warning: Bad Targeting Can Lead to Raid Deaths
  6. 10 Reasons People Don’t Heal

For Discipline

  1. How to Discipline Heal
  2. How to Smite Heal Your Way Through Heroics and Raids

For Holy

  1. Playing Holy at 85
  2. Holy Word: Sanctuary vs Efflorescence

For General Healing

  1. Zone healing
  2. Man-on-Man healing
  3. Heads-up healing
  4. Party & AoE healing
  5. Healing attitude
  6. Healing blind: Progression raiding
  7. Addons for healing
  8. Battle Res management
  9. Tank CD management
  10. Raid CD management
  11. Your guild’s healing channel
  12. Feedback between healers, tanks, and DPS
  13. Mana management: Raid and yours
  14. What to do if you’re dead
  15. The bench: Who starts and sits?
  16. Bad habits of healing
  17. When to let a player die
  18. Transitioning from 10 to 25

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