Post Your Haircuts!

Post Your Haircuts!


Old Matticus on the left, new (old-er) Matticus on the right!

I can easily explain the hair and color change. The buzzcut is a result of dodging Fireballs and various Shadowbolts. The color is from the age and stress that comes from the weary campaigns against Kael, Vashj, and Illidan’s forces. Mallet is older. Much older. The new look helps reflect that. The beard is longer from the lack of contact with civilization. Hasn’t had time to properly get a beard cut (trim).

What about you? Let’s see your haircuts!

* Syd, Wyn, feel free to edit this post if you like to include yours along with descriptions.

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  1. The rogaine appears to be working….

  2. I surely hope you went out and voted during your patch download!

    Unless of course, you had it on during class, which is also perfectly reasonable.

    krizzlybears last blog post..Wimzig’s Whimsy: A Different Kind of Debate (Part II)

  3. Dont have a pic atm but my lvl 42 hunter alt is on a server thats up. She is a Belf who had a “bun” haircut and ended up getting the “boar tails” aka the gnome pigtails. From the front they look kinda cool but from behind her ears look stupid. I think I will be changing to something else.

    Autumnns last blog post..5/1 The Beast Within?

  4. If I can ever get back in, I’ll show ya the new Syd…however, I have promised Briolante (warrior fiancé extraordinaire) that I’ll put the long hair back. XD

  5. If you want to see my new do, check the blog.

    Santyns last blog post..My New Do

  6. To join in the hair fun, post is at my blog as well.

    Karines last blog post..Got my hair did

  7. Posted!

    Isisxotics last blog post..3.0 in Photos – Live Version!

  8. Mine is at my blog as well. :o)

    Knurds last blog post..A New Look For Our Little Hiatus

  9. lol Matt did you get that haircut by a Turbo-Charged Flying Machine?

  10. Posted!

    BTW – love the beard. Hope Mallet doesn’t get tangled up in it trying to do his priest thing.

  11. Admit it, this is just an excuse to gather pictures of hawt NElf chicks with hawt new haircuts.

    Which I take a stand against by posting my haircut.


    Leafys last blog post..Patch 3.0: The Barber Shop

  12. Sup mat, i played with u in carnage long time ago, how it is been.
    I’ve created my own blog and i put u in favorites
    take care man.
    Nice website.

  13. My new ‘do is posted on my blog as well.

    Cels last blog post..Celoris’ Haircut

  14. See Falken’s new ‘do. Link in CommentLuv. 🙂

    Kestrels last blog post..Patch Day: Almost Painless, But It Brought On Many Changes

  15. Very nice information. Thanks for this.


  1. Patch 3.0: The Barber Shop…

    So, it’s the big patch day. And what’s the first thing I do? Well, learn the new spells, actually. And then respec. And transfer all my pets to the new pet tab. Oh, and visit Stormwind Harbour. But once I’d…

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