Poor Ji Firepaw

Poor Ji Firepaw

I’m aware of the controversy surrounding the guy. I don’t actually know if they made any additional changes to the dialog or anything, but this quest dialog cracked me up when I ran the 1-10 Panda area again for the second time.

He’s referring to Aysa Cloudsinger, a female Panda who practices a separate Pandaren discipline. You can see her in the above shot meditating on a pole.


I know full well the problems ailing this poor Panda.

I mean seriously! How does one Panda tell another Panda that they got a fine tail without be construed as a creeper, right?! What’s a Panda to do?! I wouldn’t even know how to pick up a Panda. But his concerns do seem to be valid. Mention her looks, and Aysa thinks Ji’s an instant creeper. Mention her forms and stature, and she’ll go “oooookay.”

It’s okay Ji. I got some ideas for you.

  • “I like the way your fur glistens in the sunlight.”
  • “Your tail is well groomed.”
  • “You smell beertacular.”
  • “How about you and I get together privately and… meditate?”
  • “I’ll show you my martial arts techniques if you show me yours.”

Heh, I don’t know. I wish I knew the answer to this question! Can anyone help a Panda out?

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  1. “If I said you had nice palms, would you quake them against me?” …. no, that won’t work.
    “Your eyes remind me of the starry sky after a night of drinking Green Tea and a keg of Beer” … nope.
    “Hey baby, wanna yoga?” BOOM! Problem solved.
    😉 Joking, naturally.

  2. “You got some nice looking kegs.”

    •  @mattuzzi “I’m not drunk, I’m just intoxicated by your beauty.  What, no those kegs were there already.  Yeah someone else drank all three.  Well, I mean, sometimes people leave three empty kegs sitting beside me… anyway, you are intoxicating baby – HIC!”


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