Poll: How do you Keep in Touch?

I asked this question Twitter a few days ago. I’m including a section in my E-Book about how guild members interact with each other out of the game (if they do). So I’m looking to gather some data and some stories.

Here’s the question:

How else do you communicate with your Guild members (outside of WoW)?

Has there been an event or a time when interacting outside of the game helped your guild out? Or hurt it?

And yes, you can select more than one option.

For me personally, I receive text messages from other players who have something unexpected happen. This way, I’m not left wondering last minute what happened to a player who said they’d be there. Perhaps they’re stuck in traffic or they realized an assignment was due today. It’s not a requirement. But it’s certainly very courteous for them to do so.

What about Cataclysm excites you the most?

  • The New "Old" World (51%, 672 Votes)
  • Guild Leveling (16%, 213 Votes)
  • Goblins and Worgen (13%, 166 Votes)
  • The New Story Line(s) and Lore for Azeroth (12%, 162 Votes)
  • I'm still enjoying Wrath too much to care (7%, 94 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,307

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  1. I haven’t been in Conquest long enough to go visiting, but in my former guild, I met up with about 9 of our members in person at different times. That’s really nice actually. It’s great to go on a double date with another couple that plays WoW. You can get drunk and talk about raiding and look like a total dork in front of the whole restaurant 🙂

  2. I met up with the other Aussie members of one of my guilds a while back – we decided to make a trip of it and went to Queensland for a week. It was certainly an interesting trip, and my only complaint was that it would have been nice to have at least one other female there with me :-).

    I think my guild also has a meet up planned for the middle of this year in the US, and if that goes ahead it will be pretty great – I think we are going camping or something. We have always wanted to meet each other, but living all over the place makes it difficult. Of course, this sort of RL stuff isn’t for everyone: some people like their game to be just that – a game.

    Saresas last blog post..Random Thoughts Direct From Melbourne!

  3. A large portion of the people in my guild are actually from the same town or met years and years ago playing EQ. Some of us have been (or are) roomies, or in a relationship or whatever. If I’m going out on the town, odds are I’m meeting up with the friends I play WoW with.

    Durnics last blog post..Beginning Your Tanking Career, Heroics

  4. My guild ( of Barthilas) has had a couple of Guild Drinks nights, which were awesome fun – people never quite look like you expect them to 🙂 Beware the drinking pics on the forums the next day though…

  5. My guild also has an IRC channel that all of the officers and many of the raiders camp out in during the work day. It lets the officers have some non-raiding time discussion that can often be lost in forum Wall-of-text.

    We had some issues with corporate firewalls and IRC, but using services like Mibbit.com and logmein.com has been fantastically helpful.

    Derevkas last blog post..New and More 3.08 News

  6. Some of the players in my guild have gotten into the habit to stay on Ventrilo outside raid time, when they are not playing WoW. It has now become a way of keeping in touch for people who are stuck in RL.

  7. I’ve met with guildies IRL (including world-famous Sydera!). I once connected with some WoW friends in Las Vegas, they were easy to spot due to an oversize “LFG NERDS” sign.

  8. Yes, I’m one of the weirdos who “fell in love” on WoW.

    Shortly after starting a new guild, I started talking to one of the other officers and realized I found the conversations quite pleasant. Long story short…things progressed from there, I met him and have now been in a 9-month long distance relationship, get to see him once a month and get to “spend time together” every day playing WoW in the meantime. That is, until I will be moving in with him shortly.

    He is the only one I see in real life and talk on the phone with, my other guildies…mostly forums, outside of the game.

  9. We have an IRC channel on #efnet. For the true geeks among us.

  10. Our guild has only one rule: you must know someone IRL before joining. It cuts down on drama…um…dramatically. It also means the vast majority of us are in the same town.

    Consequently, certain circles of the guild work together and are on instant messenger all day long. Other circles are roommates or families. Then there are those of us who have decided to raid all the circles and hang out IRL as much as we can with as many guildies as possible.

    We don’t raid Mondays. That’s pint night. (Praise be.)

    Nims last blog post..Sartharion lava waves

  11. Stupid Mage says:

    That’s just like mine. I have met almost all of the members face to face and those that I didn’t are spouses or personal friends of a guildie.

    Some of the communication I have with guildmates consists of yelling across the cube farm.

  12. Facebook ftw 😀 We have a group on there for our guild, and a lot of guildies are on each others friend’s lists. It makes putting faces to the, well er, faces a lot more fun when you get to associate that little gnome mage to the drunken photos from their wedding… 😀

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