Poll: How do you Keep in Touch?

I asked this question Twitter a few days ago. I’m including a section in my E-Book about how guild members interact with each other out of the game (if they do). So I’m looking to gather some data and some stories.

Here’s the question:

How else do you communicate with your Guild members (outside of WoW)?

Has there been an event or a time when interacting outside of the game helped your guild out? Or hurt it?

And yes, you can select more than one option.

For me personally, I receive text messages from other players who have something unexpected happen. This way, I’m not left wondering last minute what happened to a player who said they’d be there. Perhaps they’re stuck in traffic or they realized an assignment was due today. It’s not a requirement. But it’s certainly very courteous for them to do so.

Which site hosting does your guild use?

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