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Hey team, can you do me a favor? I want to conduct a poll about your guild website. I’m curious about what your guild is using and why. My interest is both personal and professional (Disclaimer: I’m with Enjin).

Which site hosting does your guild use?

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In addition to voting on the poll, could you drop a comment answering the following questions for me?

  1. What influenced your guild to use that hosting service?
  2. What one site feature are you most thankful for?
  3. What’s the URL to your site?

28 thoughts on “Poll: Guild Site Hosting”

  1. My recently reformed guild, Stay Sassy of Laughing Skull Alliance, picked up Enjin because of the decent price for mumble hosting on top of the advanced package. The biggest “feature” we like is the application module. It’s the best way to tool an app with a variety of questions without involving a forum post which can intimidate people. We’ve made great use of it so far and look to keep going once Mists of Pandaria hits.


  2. What influenced your guild to use that hosting service?
    Was cheaper overall with enjin, I like the fact it was coupled with mumble rather then vent or ts. Its far more “hip” and I love that fact it has a buzzing gaming community that transcends different gaming platforms.
    What one site feature are you most thankful for? Selecting raids, the wall, ability to message in real time.
    What’s the URL to your site? http://vanillart.enjin.com (used to be http://vanilla-rt.guildlaunch.com)

  3. Nightwatch uses guildomatic.

    1. It’s free. You can pay for more features. We don’t. We have a privately hosted mumble, so that’s not an issue. We just need forums, since we use Shroud loot system and nobody supports that (I even had to write my own addon).

    2. The forums.

    3. nwguild.net

  4. We’re self-hosted. We have a WordPress installation for the “main” site, with all of our information and then a phpBB installation for our guild forums.

    As to why, I’ve had the domain name and the hosting space for years and see no reason to change at this time. I’m already paying for the hosting for other sites of mine, so it’s essentially free.

  5. My guild uses Guildomatic. It serves us well and seems to have a similar feature set to Guildlaunch.

    I’ve only been in this guild for about 6 months, so I don’t know why we use this host, and I never thought to ask. My personal favorite feature is the World of Logs list on the front page, which shows our 7 latest logs.


  6. 1. I’m not sure we just wanted to make a site and have vent the time when we first created the guild so someone did the honor to make both vent and use enjin site for our guild
    2.i just like the part where you can have your character as your account profile picture etc
    3. Legendsofawesomeness.tk

  7. 1. I come from a web dev background, so it was easy enough to just set it up myself. My guildies know that the price for me constantly fiddling with the site to add new features and such is that occasionally I break everything for a few hours. 🙂

    2. Our forum is far and away the most popular part of the site. I like all the advanced profile options that display every time someone makes a post. People like to customize.

    Oh, and Shroud Loot System: http://www.wowwiki.com/Shroud_Loot_System. We used it in TBC and WotLK.

  8. We use enjin for our guild hosting. Saw a ton of people using it and when we formed our guild, I figured we’d give it a try. Prices are great and the mumble bundling is amazing.
    Really, I’m just a simple man that really enjoys the ease of changing anything on enjin compared to some of the other guild hosting websites.


  9. We’re using Guildomatic, and it really working for us. I guess it’s more of a personal preferences than to a superiority against other systems, they all provide virtually same services, more or less.

  10. 1 We use guildomatic.
    2 It was already set up when I took over and the free basic features are all we need as we dont use a loot system other than /roll
    3 companyofthewolves.guildomatic.com

  11. My guild has used GuildLaunch since 2009. The only reason we are using it is because the previous guilds that most of us came from had been using it so it was easy to just keep using the same thing 🙂

    My Republic side SWTOR guild uses Enjin, and honestly I don’t see a huge reason to switch over to Enjin. It would be a lot of work for the officers to set everything up, not to mention the work for existing members to create new accounts. We’d also “lose” many tens of thousands of forum posts, and have to move over other content like screenshots and other uploads.

  12. My guild uses GuildPortal, but I couldn’t say why, since I’ve been with them only for a few months. Personally, I don’t like it very much, but I haven’t had a chance to fiddle with the admin controls. Maybe our GM just made it ugly 😛
    Site: eclipsealonsus.co.cc

    Before that, my old guid used a self-hosted EQDKP. Horrible administration, but it had a ton of modules, so I would definitely use it again.
    Site: soulbound-guild.com

  13. My primary guild uses a relatively standard vBulletin installation along with a few mods and then CSS’ed up to our liking. Before I took over the management duties for the forums, we were using phpBB and they were just terrible to manage and the spam was getting completely out of hand.

    The decision to use vBulletin was my own and it was based on looking for an alternative to phpBB that was robust yet easy to manage. The initial license cost was a touch high, but I was willing to bite the bullet to get away from what we were using.

    The one site feature I like is that it’s fast. Clicking into a thread or going back to the index, just general navigation, is practically instant.

    Our site: http://www.thegrubs.com

    My secondary guild uses Enjin. I’m not involved in the management of the guild in any way, so these comments are from a purely “user” viewpoint. The site is unwieldy and overly complex. It all feels “heavy” when navigating around, lots of things being loaded, etc. Perhaps this was the best solution for the guild leadership – it’s a very large WoW guild (1200+ people) and they moved to Enjin sometime within the last two years. I imagine that decision was based on a lot of research, so it’s hard to judge their decision.

    My biggest complaint about the Enjin forum system is that there is not a “go to the first unread post in this thread” function. My choices for reading a thread are either 1) start reading from the first post or 2) jump to the last post in the thread. With a thread that’s any longer than a few posts, those choices are just not enough. It’s gotten to the point where I just don’t bother reading threads that I don’t *have* to read (non-raid related, etc), because staying in tune with other multi-page threads or threads that I’ve seen before but can’t remember the last post I read, is just not worth it for the time I have available to read guild forums for a secondary guild for a game I’m only playing one day a week.

    Site: http://thestonewallfamily.com

  14. We use guildlaunch

    What influenced your guild to use that hosting service?
    When I took over my guild, my wife said she would help out by making our site. I think it’s the first one she found on google.

    What one site feature are you most thankful for?
    Hmmm, interesting question, not sure I can answer it. My guild does not seem to use the site just about at all. However, I do like the widgets. Not sure I’m “thankful” for them or not though.

    What’s the URL to your site?

  15. Our former GM created the site using WordPress because her blog is hosted on wordpress, and she was already very familiar with the backend, and how to manipulate it.

    WordPress is both as simple or elegant as the user wants it to be. SO MUCH CUSTOMIZABILITY.

    URL – standsinbad.com

  16. I answered “other”, but couldn’t find anywhere to list what that is, so I’ll put it here: Guildzilla.

    1 – Honestly, I don’t know. I wasn’t involved in that discussion, nor has it been brought up since.
    2 – The forums, even if we rarely use them as a guild. I know, it’s not much of a unique feature, but it’s 99% of what I use the forums for.
    3 – http://emeralddream.guildzilla.com/

  17. What influenced your guild to use that hosting service?
    When Digitalis signed up for Guild Launch, he got it for Ventrillo too.

    What one site feature are you most thankful for?
    Used to be the forums, but when Digitalis had to stop playing and handed the reins over, the site pretty much died =/

    What’s the URL to your site?

  18. We use Facebook!

    What influenced your guild to use that hosting service?
    We’ve had proper guild sites before, and they all seem to be much of a muchness tbh. But with my current guild most new applicants join via a Friend than through any formal application process. That leaves only guild communication and Facebook is quicker, more mobile, and just as effective.

    What one site feature are you most thankful for?
    Being able to access the site via an app on my mobile. most guild hosting sites don’t even have a mobile version, let alone an app.

    What’s the URL to your site?
    Its just a standard Facebook group.

  19. 1. What influenced your guild to use that hosting service?
    After years of doing it myself, it was too much of a hassle. Enjin provided more features than I could ever do myself and at a reasonable price.

    2. What one site feature are you most thankful for?
    Application module. Hands down the best way I’ve seen applications handled ever.

    3. What’s the URL to your site?

  20. What influenced your guild to use that hosting service?
    In a word “History”, the past long time guild leader set it all up in his own way.
    What one site feature are you most thankful for?
    – that it exist –
    Otherwise I am not a fan of the Joomla framework its build upon. But its there – it works – so inertia continues.
    What’s the URL to your site?

  21. Furious Pantaloons has existed for a looooong time now. 14 years or so I believe and I was not part of the decision making on where the website was hosted.

    I do know that FP is not only present in WoW. There is a SWTOR, RIFT, and Other (I believe there are still some loons playing Everquest) branches of the loons.

    So any site that is specifically aimed at WoW wouldn’t work.


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