[POLL] Do you Clear Out Heroic Dungeons?

Lately I’ve noticed an increasing trend when it comes to running heroic dungeons. It usually involves dungeons where bosses can be skipped and the group just collectively decides to skip over it or they decide to take it out. The tank is often the one that decides this. I’ve started asking in the beginning of runs if we can skip optional bosses (like in Halls of Stone) more as a courtesy than anything else.

The geared main

Understandably, the geared main is going to favor an express run over a complete run. When I’m on my Priest, I have no interest in gaining Emblems of Triumph. I’m only in there to to get my Emblems of Frost as fast as possible. If the group wants to take down some optional bosses, I remain indifferent and will do it anyway even though it might take a few minutes of my time.

The undergeared alt

On the other hand, the undergeared alt wants to maximize their “Emblems per hour” ratio. They’ll insist on killing every boss no matter how far out of the way it is specifically for that extra Emblem. They need the armor and the weapons (and other gear). The quickest way to do that is by spending Emblems of Triumph. Perfectly understandable.

Do you make an effort to skip bosses or do you gun for every boss in the instance? Or do you not care and decide to go with the flow of the group?

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39 thoughts on “[POLL] Do you Clear Out Heroic Dungeons?”

  1. I enjoy clearing out every boss. Like Velestrasz said, it just feels wrong and incomplete if I don’t. With certain PuG runs in like Old Kingdom, I have no problem skipping over two bosses and going straight for the last boss. Most of the time though I am all for doing every boss.
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  2. Like you, I ask the group at the start if people want to do the optional bosses or not. Since I’m tanking, it’s usually my call, but if at least one person really wants to do them, then I do ’em and people who don’t like it can leave.

  3. Generally I do, usually run heroics on characters that need the badges.

    Though on my main I don’t care because I’m just running through to get the Frost Emblems, we skipped the 3 optional bosses in Old Kingdom earlier, and nobody complained which was good else we’d have done them.

  4. I usually go along with what the group wants on my dps or healer. On my tanks, it depends on the instance. I’ll usually clear out HoS as it’s fairly quick with a good group. I rarely clear H-OK because I hate the place.
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  5. I was thinking about this myself recently. It seems to me that tanks and healers have the most incentive to skip bosses, assuming an equal need for badges. That’s mainly because queue times for tanks and healers are so incredibly short compared to the dps queue time, so they can hit the end boss ASAP, get their bonus badges, then hop into a new instance and repeat. DPS though have significantly longer queue times, so (I imagine) they have more incentive to get as many badges per group as possible.

    I play a tank and a healer and tend to go with whatever the group wants. I assume a full clear unless someone says otherwise.

    • @Taurvi: Good point you make about the relationship between queue times and player roles. I had forgotten about that. Typically, DPS will face a lower Emblem per hour rate than a tank or healer would.

  6. It’s actually faster most of the time when you can to skip the optional bosses and go straight for the main one, since that gives you completion of the dungeon and you can queue again. HoS is a great example; the instance can take 10 minutes if you just do the two required ones, and for that you get 4 emblems. You can’t beat that rate by adding an additional 5 minutes per other boss.

    I’ll do it if people want, but I don’t tend to want to. I don’t care at all about emblems of triumph though; my only goal is frost.

  7. There isn’t so many instances with bosses you can skip. But I’ve found most groups (if not all) just automatically skip any and all that can be skipped.

    Lately though I’ve came to just hate Old Kingdom and always go straight for the last boss. I’ve been getting Old Kingdom at least twice a day now, I don’t understand how I can be this unlucky.

    I hope the server dishes out random heroics really uniformly randomly, not doing some weird weighted average to get each instance completion count up.
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  8. The choices make the assumption that skipping optional bosses always decreases your triumph badges per hour. That’s certainly true in Culling of Strat where the bonus boss takes seconds to kill and is just a few yards out of the way with no extra trash mobs, but is it true in Old Kingdom where there are two bosses surrounded by screens of trash mobs? Since the end boss is worth 3 badges, it seems like there must be times where getting the end boss down and getting back in the queue will work out to more badges per hour than hunting down every single badge boss. I don’t conclude, I only question.

  9. I tank and tend to run 1 random heroic in the morning before I go to work, since I often don’t have time to before raids in the evening. On that run, everyone better have their seat belts on, because I usually need to get through as fast as possible. Other than that, I am pretty indifferent to it.

  10. I very much love to clear out the bosses. I’m in there for Emblems and I consider my time precious. I’m not geared well enough to consider not getting an Emblem time well spent. I am also of the mindset that when I’m playing WoW, I want to actually play WoW, not mindlessly pop in and out of instances for the 2 Frost Emblems a day. Not that there’s anything wrong with those who do (I understand overgearing a place), but most people don’t overgear these instances in my experience, and they only want to skip bosses to placate their own egos that they’re better than running a droll Heroic.
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  11. My gf and I usually stay up late to run 4 randoms right after reset for my four 80s (she onyl has one).
    I have three tanks (one who can heal) and a hunter, and she’s a bear/tree druid, so we’re almost always the tank and healer in the instance.
    Our approach is definitely the “Wam Bam Thank you mam” style, where we will chain pull, and our goal is to skip everything and anything and get the two frost at the end.
    Since our average completion time is right around 16-17 minutes, I haven’t heard hardly any complaints, we usually try to liven up the chat a bit by fooling around and talking to people, but most extra bosses (halls of stone is the worst example, and Old Kindom) are not worth the time. If you’re an undergeared player on our runs, you’re going to get 4-5 triumph badges in well under 20 minutes, and usually the extra bosses add more than 5 minutes each, so I don’t feel too bad for leaving those out.
    As a side note, the extra boss people want to do most that we skip is Eck, and noone ever skips the CoS extra boss in my experience.

    Also, I did not know until last week that you could skip the 1st and 3rd bosses in OK, which makes it one of the fastest dungeons out there. (I think CoS, PoS, and HoR ar the slowest)

  12. I like to clear all the bosses. Not just for emblems’ sake, but every group plays differently. One of the best pieces of advice I got from a guildy when learning to heal was that pugs were the best brute-force way to learn. You encounter whatever 4 playstyles get thrown together with your own and you have to deal with it. Skipping bosses is skipping practice, even if I’ve done this particular dungeon five bazillion times on this particular toon with this particular role. 5mans teach me more about my cooldowns and oh-shit buttons than most raids do, actually.

    As time goes on, I’m encountering less of the geared mains and more of the undergeared alts / 80-dings, so skipping bosses is shortchanging them in emblems or actual gear drops, even if I don’t particularly need it.

  13. As someone who decidedly agrees with Matt’s “I Can Carry You” post, I will always default to doing what the least geared player in the run would like. Since I generally run with a very geared friend, who’s dps can offset even the most green of players, the addition of a couple of extra packs or bosses only adds about 5-10 minutes to any run. Regardless if I’m only there for the Emblems of Frost, what does it hurt me to be accommodating?
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  14. I always clear out everything, when I have the choice. When I’m tanking on my paladin, I obviously have more control over the flow of the instance. I always take down everything on this toon, even though it’s my best-geared toon. I always find I’ll need extra emblems for something, so I’d rather get them while I’m there. I also don’t just assume that everyone has everything they need from Triumph or from boss drops. Somebody might need to replace some odd piece in their set with at least a blue that has the stats they need, or are working on dungeon reps on an alt or something, so I always play it safe and clear out every heroic I tank.

    On my hunter alt, it’s a little different since I’m not running the show (so to speak). This is the toon I need more emblems on, however, so usually I try to insist that we down the optional bosses too.

  15. Main: Hell no, I want 2 frost badges and then I’m gone.

    Alt Healer: Hell no, its faster badge gains to kill 2 bosses and re-queue than kill 4 bosses. 3 Mins per Badge vs 4-5 mins per badge for HoS.

    Alt pure DPS: Badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, emblem emblem! (that’s a yes)

  16. Always do, I need my many offset pieces, and as a paladin, 3 offsets combined with rings/trinkets and staynig afloat using Crusader Orbs require killing every boss. However, on the occasion a healer demands we skip a boss, I make sure we go kill it.

  17. Given the choice, I clear the instance. On my tank, I clear the instance. On my healer/DPS, I could really care less.
    I also do not skip trash unless it is 100% safe to do so.
    Now, I will be running a lot of regular instances on my tank and one of my healers for specific drops. I will announce that I am going to clear to/interested in X boss for Y item (preferably stacking the group with classes that have no use for the item so that I actually GET the item when I roll on it) and do so while chain pulling (if tanking) to get as close to 4 resets an hour as possible.

  18. I typically clear out all the bosses when possible, but I’ve drawn a line at OK in this latest patch, at least with Jedoga. There’s a lovely bug that summons Twilight Acolytes (you know, the ones with the evil-nasty party killing flame strike?) instead of her Twilight fodder to replace the downed sacrifice. Doesn’t happen every time, but when it does, you tend to remember it.

    Long story short, I’m skipping Jedoga until I hear about a hot-fix or patch for this.

  19. When I’m tanking, I try and remember that it’s a 15 minute queue on my mage – not the 2 second instant queue I get otherwise. Because of this, I tend to clear all the bosses, because I hope that karma will repay me with full clears on my mage. The badge to minute ratio really drops out if you’re waiting 15 minutes for a run, and then only get a fraction of the badges.
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  20. I don’t have everything I need from Emblems of Triumph. I took 6 months
    off my main (Prot/Holy Pally), levelled a DK to Naxx10/25 level
    raid tanking, then got bored. As a result I have an Uld10 level Paladin and a Naxx10 level DK – both able to tank most Heroics (I wouldn’t try Heroic ToC or
    the IC 5 mans on the DK).

    But now I’m playing, I’m 2 tiers behind on my main. In 2 specs. 2 days of Heroics with my wife and a friend (both of whom quit even longer ago than I did) and now I’m 3/5 T9 on my Pally tank. So with the exception of OK and Oculus (which I just leave – I have PTSD from that place) I like my runs extra badgey thanks. Still if I don’t get them a tank and 2 DPS queued together get a group in about 2 seconds 🙂

  21. Fast runs, I think better mark/hour ratio will be clearing as fast as you can, while getting 2 bonus marks for completing random instance.

  22. I like clearing all bosses on all my characters.

    My priest would only need frost emblems ofc, but I have 4 level 80s and various professions, so I use main’s triumph emblems for crusader orbs + craft good gear for alts.

    If people decide to skip bosses, I’m ok with that, but I prefer complete runs.

  23. If I’m on my healer (who doesn’t need emblems anymore), I just go with the flow. I’d rather skip bosses, but if anyone in the group wants them, 5 more minutes won’t kill me.

    On my less geared alts, I’ll beg for a full clear, but I won’t whine unnecessarily if people don’t want to do it.

    I’m pretty laid back when it comes to PuGs, I’ve been in so many bad ones that the question of clearing is minor.
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  24. I don’t really care about skipping bosses but I do actively farm Emblems of Triumph to make gold. I down grade the emblems all the way to Heroism and buy uncut gems. I am getting 150g for each mixed color gem, which means I make 15g per Emblem of Triumph. Probably not the fastest way to make gold but it isn’t too bad either and most of all it is a nice break from farming saronite or herbs.

  25. Generally, unless I’m on a time crunch, I don’t care whether bosses are skipped or not. I go with whatever the group decides on. I like running heroics where nobody needs the blue drops, because that means I have a chance of picking up gear for my “pretty spec” that would otherwise be going to another class if they needed it. If it’s not pretty – well, another shard.

  26. I usually just go with a flow. most of the time its not worth it to argue with majority wither we’re skipping something or going for full clear. I’ll get my 2 (or whatever number of bosses we skipped) badges in a next random heroic, no biggie. if I’m tanking and we get an instance where you can skip stuff, I ask the group first, since i’m the one at the front of the group, doing pulls (I better be, I hate when dps decides to be oh so helpful and do the pulls for me, while I’m waiting on a CD for couple of seconds, or waiting o na healer to finish drinking). if I’m on my main and the only reason I’m running a heroic this day is to get just a touch closer to my t10, my favorite random is the instance in progress with only one boss left 😛 but since most of the time, I’m running instance becasue I’m enjoying them, whatever happens – happens.

  27. Clearing all but Mushroom guy in OK – and even trying to get that one done when I’m tanking.
    Even if I have an instant pop as a tank, I don’t really see them as optional bosses.
    And even on my main, where I surely don’t need Triumph, I’ll just as well kill them – that’s how the instance was made, so I’m not skipping everything.
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  28. As a DPSer exclusively in heroics, I’d prefer to take the extra bosses, because I still have to wait 10-15 minutes for a new group, but tend not to really care either way, as it’s often just as good to get back into the world so I can farm cloth/greens to DE while I wait for the next one to pop.

    And, when I get this Pally up to 80 – and get her geared for healing – I’ll try and push the whole run, even if I get more badges/hour by not doing them, because I care.
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  29. Ugh, I really hate partial clears and the clears that circumvent half the mobs. Makes farming for gold that much more menial. I figure i miss potentially 10-20 gold and/or mats per run when that happens just from loot left behind from mobs not killed.


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