Politics in Your Guild?

Let’s get one thing straight. I’m Canadian and our current government in charge is literally called the Liberal Party of Canada. Our biggest “scandal” is the fact that our Prime Minister has decided to not revisit the electoral process (which was one of the platforms he ran on).

I don’t have a problem with political discourse in Warcraft. It happened during the Bush and Obama administrations and it’s only going to continue going forward. I’ve witnessed the odd (yet civil) back and forth about the Iraq War and it never devolved into name calling. But for whatever reason, it’s just more agonizing now when you’re bustling through Dalaran from your class hall to the flight master. It’s all non-stop memes and just seems to be highly magnified. It seems every WoW server is a Trump server based on General and Trade Chat metrics (and I’ve had to disable those channels because it’s just overwhelming).

What gets annoying is when discussion on the guild Discord starts leaning towards the news of the day about how something amazing Trump did or what liberals are pissed off about. I’ve often thought about interjecting and going “Actually…” but I’m still new in the guild, I have no desire to rock the boat, and I’m almost certain any attempt at a reasonable discussion is going to immediately be met with “LOL LIBRUL TEARS”. Now, I don’t for a second believe the entire guild is like that and I think the WoW population is large enough to the point where it can sort of reflect the real national demographic. To me, the game is an escape from reality. It’s a shame though because they’re fun players to be around when focused on Mythic Dungeons and the sort. It’s hard enough finding a guild with the right times, mentality, and progression. Last thing that needs to happen is for guilds to undergo some kind of philosophical or political test.

So for the time being, I stay focused on what I need to do. Raiding shouldn’t be partisan but it does feel demoralizing that I would be thought of as a lesser individual even though I’m healing what I need to (and can) without compromising myself and dying all the time. I’ll just have to treat the more outspoken individuals as the crazy uncles around Thanksgiving.

Anyway, if you’re out there reading this and you’re experiencing something similar, I’m right there with you. I sympathize with you and I’m just a northern neighbour.

8 thoughts on “Politics in Your Guild?”

  1. There’s got to be a wow chat add on that blanks sentences containing a list of keywords… Trump, Clinton, president , congress, elections, liberals, democrats, republicans and such…. you get the idea. You don’t want to put a bunch of people on ignore. You just don’t want those sentences reaching you at all! There’s got to be a way!

    • I’m sure there’s going to be one somewhere in development but alas, all you can really do is report spam (for actual spam, mind you, not just disagreement with what someone says).

  2. Bruh, if there’s more general chat noise about Trump than [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker], things have devolved too far. I empathize with your position, but ultimately it comes down to goals and motivation, right? If the broadcast culture of the guild swings to one side or the other, it’s going to have an impact on recruiting, retention and effectiveness at some point.

    Then again, the biggest trolls you ever introduced me to were Canadian, so who knows…

    • It’s pretty horrendous in trade chat. I never left that channel on my alts so I’m still exposed to it when I pop on from time to time. I kind of miss all the Anal [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker] spam.

  3. Oh wow. I didn’t realize WoW servers had become so partisan. Granted, I’ve had trade chat off since long before the elections. What’s interesting to me is that WoW’s relative popularity corresponds quite neatly to red states on the 2016 election map. (http://www.cinemablend.com/games/1622600/map-shows-the-most-popular-game-in-all-50-states)

    My guild is decidedly liberal (and half-Canadian, hey!), but we don’t talk about politics aside from the occasional joke. It’s honestly the nicest guild atmosphere I’ve ever been in while still maintaining a respectable level of progression. I want to say like attracts like, though guild culture isn’t always obvious at first glance. Worth noting – we did use to have a pro-Trump/meme/troll raider, but he ended up leaving on his own after a while.

  4. My guild’s rule is that news is allowed, politics are not. So we can talk about things that happen (“Trump signed whatever EO”) but getting into arguments about whether the news is “right” or “wrong” isn’t allowed.

  5. After the election, my interest in blogging took a nosedive; my Twitter feed started to be taken over by political statements from other gamers (overwhelming liberal), and I followed a bunch of like-minded accounts from left-leaning actors. It was paralyzing. I eventually segregated my political follows to a different Twitter account (and the tweets from gamers eventually died down). Now I can “escape” from whatever current horror the Mad King has inflicted upon us by toggling over to my @thedreamgrove account. 🙂


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