Podcast Appearances

Here’s a quick summary of my recent podcast appearances.

Lodur and I were featured on WoW Relief (Part 1 and part 2)

I spoke with Tristan from the Elitists. There was a part in here where my mom randomly barges into the room and asks if I want blueberry juice and begins making all these weird noises. Sigh mom. I think Tristan cut the part out (for which I’m grateful).

I appeared on Episode 112 of the WoW Insider show. Mike put me on the spot with this one. “We didn’t talk about healing the last time you were on so go ahead Matt, talk about healing!” Had to really think on my feet about that one.

Upcoming appearances

Will be sitting with the Twisted Nether crew for a round table discussion. It’ll be done live with a chatroom and all that. That will be this Friday on the 23rd.

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