Playing Atonement and the All-Purpose healer

Looking for more reading material? I’ve been covering for Dawn (WoW Insider’s resident Priest columnist) and you can read up more on playing Discipline as Atonement in Firelands.

Playing a discipline priest is all the rage these days, it seems, especially now that many raiders are busy messing around in Firelands. There is a small selection of discipline priests who exercise the Atonement and Evangelism style of healing to great effect. In the past, I wasn’t really a fan of it at all because I felt that there were better options. The buffs Blizzard made to Atonement back in patch 4.1 involving Holy Fire made it increasingly more attractive. Maybe I didn’t give it enough of a chance.

Spiritual Guidance: Playing Atonement

It’s been my biggest belief that my ideal healing team would consist of players who could tackle any healing assignment without too much difficulty. 

When it comes to setting up healing in raids, we like to lump healers into different specializations. We have players who strictly tank heal or raid heal. In some cases, there is a specific role they need to play within the encounter (like kite healing). Blizzard has done a great job of trying to equalize the healing classes to the point that they can do everything competently. Even then, we continue to instinctively place the different classes into specific healing roles. If you are a healer who has traditionally done only one type of healing, then it is time to diversify.

Raid Rx: The All Purpose Healer

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